Rare Animals

A Howling Chicken, and 4 other animals that wish they could howl like a wolf too

Looks like animals everywhere wish they could howl! Some of these attempts at howling are better than others..of particular impressiveness is the chicken’s howl…ok, you might have to use a bit of imagination with that one, but for a bird, it’s not all that bad. The cutest attempt at howling probably goes to the Pomeranian Puppy who is learning straight from a Wolf Video! Highest pitch howl has to go to the Mouse. The worst howl probably goes to the cat. Finally, the most unexpected howl is probably the lemur! Who gives the wolf the best run for his...
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3 Free Werewolf movies on Amazon Prime

Searching something to do for free online tonight? How about watching 3 free werewolf movies! If you’ve searched through and watched all the free werewolf movies you could find on youtube, another option is trying Amazon Prime, which has a few good choices including American Werewolf in London, Cursed, and Teen Wolf Too. There is no doubt that if you search online on Amazon you will find yourself swamped in products and services – including of plenty of movies you have to pay for.  But one of the best services amazon has to offer is their Prime membership, which...
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What is the biggest threat to the werewolf?

The werewolf has no natural predators, so for all intensive purposes, there should be no concern as to what could threaten the species. Yet there are a few things that pose some degree of threat to the werewolf… 1. Vampires This is of course the most common response that most will give when asked what is the biggest threat to the werewolf. Vampires and werewolves are after all not known for their comraderie. Yet the ancient legends of the supposed hatred between the two species is not as black and white today as it once was. Yes, there are...
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Werewolf is the star of this Advertisment

While I’m not a fan of commercials or advertisements, this one is hard to not pay attention to – a werewolf plays the starring role!  The ad takes the form of a music video and is actually a pretty neat rendition of the classic Warren Zevon song “Werewolves of London” – this rendition sung by Masha Shirin. The werewolf is seen only in quick flashes, and mainly in reflections of mirrors, but the effect is pretty neat....
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Last full Moon of 2014 tonight!

The last full moon of 2014 is here! December 6, 2014 marks the end of the full moons for the year! It actually occurred at 7:27am (Eastern Standard Time), however you should still feel a strong pull from it tonight, and if you look up at the stars, you’ll still get a good look of it if there aren’t any clouds! This month’s full moon is called the Cold Moon – named after the cold, dark winter if falls in. December’s moon has also been called other things…for example, in Native American history, it’s also sometimes called the Long...
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5 things werewolves and vampires have in common

1. Charisma Humans find both werewolves and vampires extremely charismatic. Whether or not the werewolf or vampire is physically attractive in the traditional sense, humans still find themselves drawn to their natural charm. This is in part by design, as the charisma can serve as a masking device to hide themselves in plain sight among humans.  It also serves to lure unsuspecting humans in which can be used to relax humans and get them to do their bidding. 2. Alphas Both vampires and werewolves are alphas.  By this I mean that they are inherently leaders and are the dominant...
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Did a werewolf masked human shoot a worker?

Did a werewolf rob a store and shoot a human? You be the judge if this was a werewolf or not… Friday a news report of a masked gunman was reported. The report shows that a man in a “werewolf style” mask entered a California check cashing store and shot at the workers in the shop then apparently made a run for it after his attempt at the shooting was not successful. Watch the surveillance video below. Do you think that this was a werewolf masked man?...
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5 Werewolf Christmas movies

The holiday season is here! Christmas is less than 4 weeks away, so what better way to get into the holiday mood than to watch some movies that will get you in the spirit!?  Here are some movies to get you in the right snow-filled mind… 1. Red Riding Hood – In this twist of little red riding hood, the wolf is actually a werewolf! Alot of the movie takes place in the snow-covered wilderness. Perfect to get you in the wintery mood! 2. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed – Some cold snowy scenes make will help chill you if...
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Boyfriend Witch Music Video

The song Witch by Korean Boy Band Boyfriend was released on October 12…and despite the title of the song, werewolves play a prominent role! The music video starts at a bloody rooftop crime scene. Soon, we meet the witch, who is portrayed as wearing a red cape – you’ll see her on the rooftop. The werewolves then slowly emerge – and are none other than the band members! In the end of the music video, the werewolves confront the witch…who will be the winner?...
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The carnivorous turkeyfish!

The turkeyfish is a nocturnal hunter the werewolf can relate to… No, not because his name reminds one of nice juicy, plump turkeys..(which it does, especially the day after thanksgiving..), but because he has some interesting characteristics…..he’s an unusual fish that stays hidden in underwater caves during the day, and hunts only at night, ambushing their prey with great skill! The turkeyfish (or sometimes called lionfish, devil fish, zebrafish, poison scorpion, and butterfly cod) is a slow-moving carnivorous fish whose fins are long and ornate and resemble turkey plumage. Even though they are slow-moving, lazy-looking fish, they are considered...
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