You are an independent thinker 0

You are an independent thinker

For those who know, ilovewerewolves.com is host to many many different “beings” that come here in search for answers to life’s most difficult questions. They come here looking for the truth and seek comfort from everyday normal human life.  Thank you for...

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Dont let humanity prevent you from being a werewolf!

Hello Werewolves, Friends! I am back!  The creatures of the night did not get me!  I’ve been away, hiking and running, gazing at the moon, and breathing scents on the wind!  And here’s what I’ve discovered: Although the world is overpopulated with...

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How to become a werewolf

So, everyone knows how to become a vampire, but do you know how to become a werewolf?  Legends, myths, lore, and superstitions tell of a wide variety of ways. Drink from the paw print of a wolf.  Legends vary on the exact...