10 insults to never call a werewolf

The very last thing you should ever want to do is insult a werewolf. Werewolves are stronger, faster, and smarter than any human. In a battle, a werewolf would win every time over a human. So the smartest thing any human can do? Stay away from the insults! Now chances are the werewolf will simply ignore you. Often an insult from a mere human is not worth the werewolf’s energy or time.

Every now and then however you’ll catch a werewolf in a mood where he (or she) just isn’t in the mood to put up with you. With that in mind, you’d be well-advised to stay away from the following monikers, which are considered insults to any werewolf:  Puppy, Wolfbreath, Hairball, Furface, Fleabag, Mongrel, Mutt, Scobby, Kibbles, and Fluffy.

Remember,  although you may not be worth the werewolf’s time or energy, werewolves are not particularly known for their patience, so if you do decide to insult a werewolf, you do so at your own risk!



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12 Responses

  1. Loopeen says:

    Dont forget “Dog” and “Doggie”.

    Grr.. I’m a Wolf! Not a Dog!

  2. ArhharnaWelyn says:

    insulting a were wolf is a dumb way to die

  3. Sarah says:

    My friends/boyfriend hates when I say good puppy or good doggie. 🙂 I know my boyfriend hates most of those words.My boyfriend has sharp teeth, green eyes that sometimes turn to blue or gold type of colour, he has hair all over his body, he doesn’t like sleeping at night and he stays up, his eye brows join together and he has hair all over his hands. He gets mad really easy and he only likes meat, he is also really fast and can run for a long time and he can hear really good and can see good as well. (How many times I have I tried to walked up to him without him knowing and failed. -_-) but that doesn’t mean he is a werewolf. 😛 My boyfriend’s brother thinks he is a werewolf and a vampire. And my boyfriends Dad is like that as well. My boyfriend and his Dad has everything that all of you talked about, but they don’t go around saying they are werewolves because werewolves are not real, they are only in books and movies and the same goes with vampires but I don’t know about witches because my nana believes in witches. o.O lol Just saying. 🙂

  4. LunaHateGood48 says:

    I disagree that a Werewolf would win every battle, as battles don’t always depend on strength and size. Sometimes it is technique and intelligence that determines a fight. I mean take Derek Hale for instance, for watchers of Teen Wolf 🙂

    That said, I love your articles and they really get me into the mood for writing my Werewolf novels. This article I think rings true, Werewolves are double beings they are human and Wolf. Would you want to be reminded of your lineage in Hate- Speak. I think we call it being Racist 🙂

    IDK calling them B–ch would be a insult. But any reference to a dog would be, I mean humans get insulted 😉

  5. David James says:

    just to put it in mind for humans out there to come up to a werewolf and call him some of thouse listed names up there will in sult him or she well if yall have an xbox look up wolfmarine 2012 and send a friend requst and ill answers some qustins lol ow ps if there is eney werewolfs in north carlina greenvile u can find me on chicod road high way 43 south thank yall for your time .

  6. David James says:

    ow ps there is more to macke me mad than name callin its the way they act lets say ummm well they will wissle and clap there hands and say come herre girl and that will macke me mad and they will call me a furry . and wtf is rong with the people near me house alwas staring at me .

  7. kimberly says:

    if you ever insulted a werewolf that is the #1 way to die by a werewolf is to insult them. wolfs are easily insulted by the word dog THERE NOT DOGS THERE WOLFS!!!!!

  8. collin says:

    if u dare insult a werewolf I will FIND YOU lol naw ill be really mad

  9. Alice lee says:

    do you guys have any tips for a recently turned werewolf (aside from telling me dating a werewolf was a bad idea) my boyfriend accidentally bit me a couple weeks ago and ive been trying to find someone who can give me some tips on being a werewolf

  10. Mas ainda é necessário baixar os dois programas: da declaração e da

  11. Norah says:

    I have a friend who is an werewolf and she lets me call her fluffy or doggie and well i think part of that is because we are bff’s but i would not advise you to try anything tho

  12. Clevr says:

    So…what are the ten insults to avoid ? It seems like you started introducing the article and then stopped, perhaps hitting return by accident.

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