$10 million prize to find bigfoot!

If you have concrete conclusive evidence of Bigfoot, you could become a multimillionaire!!

A reality show on Spike TV is challenging adventurers to find bigfoot – and if they do and can provide the proof they’ll win a $10 million prize!  The show is called 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, and is claiming that they are giving away the “largest cash prize in television history”.  The show sends teams of “scientists, zoologists, seasoned trackers and actual Bigfoot hunters” out to find proof of Bigfoot’s existence.  The winner will win $10 million in cash underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, a British insurance market.  Filming is scheduled to begin soon and 10 episodes are scheduled to air.

Will they find bigfoot? With 10 million dollars at stake, you can believe everyone will be doing everything they can to find one!  But then again, does the government already have proof that bigfoot exists? You decide.



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  1. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    i don’t think hes real but there may be proof he may exist in the united states of america and other countries

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