100+ vampire pumpkin carving designs and pictures to give you Halloween inspiration!

vampire pumpkin carving pics and ideasHere are pictures of over 100 vampire pumpkin carvings!!

In order to choose which one might be perfect for you, you might consider that there are a number of different approaches you can take to creating the perfect jack o’lantern. Take a look at the pictures and get ideas for your own halloween designs.

1. PUMPKIN SHAVING/SCULPTING The first approach, which is ideal if you are interested in creating an extremely intricate and contest-winning “vampire pumpkin”, is to sculpt the pumpkin by shaving the skin instead of actually cutting all the way through the pumpkin. This design approach is ideal for getting exteme detail into a face. A skilled sculptor/artist can create a truly show-stopping vampire head out of a pumpkin. Here are a few pictures of this design technique – again, it’s most dramatic with “head” designs:

2. Focus on the FANGS – Another approach to carving your pumpkin is to focus on the aspect of the vampire that is the most prominent – the fangs! Jack O’Lanterns with large sharp vicious fangs can be quite effective and very frightening! Here are some examples..

3. Want to go Hollywood or Disney when you carve your pumpkin? If so, then one of these might work for you:

4. or you can try to carve the BAT VAMPIRE

5. a little more complicated is the Dracula pumpkin carving:

6. Or you can just get creative…

And here are even more pictures if you’re looking for inspiration!



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