150 Vampire Names both Ancient and Modern

Here is a list of 150 vampire names with their meanings and origins (when known). The list is divided by male names for vampires and female names for vampires.  Many of these names may sound unfamiliar or unusual as some are taken from older times and are not popular names for boys or girls today.

How to use this list of vampire names

The list of names below can be used to help identify someone as a possible vampire simply by hearing their name.  Often the name will have a reference to being immortal, evil, or dark.  A typical vampire name might also reference the night, long-life, or even death.  In older times, people paid more attention to the meaning of names when naming their baby boy or girl. They looked at the traits that the baby exhibited, that they might want the baby to exhibit, or who they might want that baby boy or girl to become.  Often therefore, ancient vampires specifically, will have names reflective of their darker traits. Therefore the name can signify not only that someone is a vampire, but also if they are an ancient one or a younger one.
vampire names and meanings
That is not to say that all vampires have vampire names – indeed, they often do not. Especially in cases of more modern vampires, where they have been “turned” sometime in this century, the name of the vampire may be totally unrelated to the fact that they are a vampire.

This list is still however useful, as often, many “modern” vampires seek to change their names.  “Vampire names” are often adopted by vampires after they’ve been turned for a period of time.  A name is reflective of who you are and will be – and many humans-turned-vampires, no longer feel like they are who their born family name identifies them as.

Male Vampire Names and their Meanings

Abelbreath; vanityHebrew
Acheronriver of woe / river of sorrow
Aldonold friend, wise protectorAnglo-Saxon
Alessandrodefender of mankind
Alvahevil, inequityHebrew
Ambroginolittle immortal one
Ambroseimmortal, devineold greek
Arnoldoeagle power
Atienoborn at nightAfrican
Babylonconfusion, mixture
Baldovinobrave friend
BaldassareProtect the king
BeattieVoyager through lifeIrish / Gaelic
Bertoldobright ruler
Bonaventuragood fortune
Bonifaciogood destiny
Braedenfrom the dark valley
Brandeisdweller on a burned clearingGerman
Cardenfrom the black fortressCeltic
Cerberusdemon of the pitLatin
Cirino / Cirolike the sun
Clementegentle and merciful
Dariopossesses a lot
Delanoof the nightFrench
Domenciobelongs to the lord
Donndark strangerCeltic
DoyleDark StrangerIrish / Celtic / Gaelic
Dravenfrom the word draefend which means Hunter
Dunkandark oneCeltic
Edmondoprotector of prosperity
Edoardoguardian of prosperity
Egidioshield of goatskin
Eligioto choose
Eliodorogift of the sun
Elufull of graceNative American
Emrickimmortalwelsh roots
Ermannoarmy man
Faramundojourney protection
Fino / Serafinoburning one or serpent
Gasparetreasure bearer
Gualtieroruler of the army
HoytSpirit, SoulOld Norse
Jarethto watchFrench
Karayanthe dark one (unisex name)Armenian
Kieranlittle dark oneCeltic
Lorcansilent, fierceirish
Marcodefender of the sea
MarkandeyaConquers over deathSanskrit
Massimothe greatest
Orpheusthe darkness of the nightGreek
Oraziohas good eyesight
Tacitomute, silent
Tariqnight visitorArabic
Umfredogiant peace

Female Vampire Names and their Meanings

AchlysMist, darknessGreek
Akeldamafield of blood
Ambrosia / Ambroseimmortal
Angenispirit angelNative American
Ashlingdream, visionGaelic
Astriddivinely beautifulScandinavian
AthanasiaImmortalOld Greek
Atienoborn at nightAfrican
Aurasoft wind
BaciaFamily deaths ruined the homeUganda
Ballariwalking quietlyIndia
Belladonnabeautiful woman
Biansecretive, hiddenViatnamese
Bronwendark and pure
Callidoragift of beauty
Corentinehurricane, tempest
Eyotagreatest oneNative american
Jezebelnot exalted
KaliDark GoddessIndia
Karayanthe dark one (unisex name)Armenian
KeresVengeful spirits of death and doomOld Greek
Kharischarm / grace
KokonightNative American
Leila, Layla, Liladark as night or dark beautyArabic
Lilithof the night
Lunathe moon
Narkisssanumbness / sleep
Natasa / Natassaresurrection
PersephoneBringer of DeathOld Greek
Polonaof Apollo
Ranabeautiful, eye-catching or regalArabic
Semele Sof the underworld
Shysiesilent little oneNative American
Thyoneinspired frenzy
Valdisgoddess of the slain in battleNorse
Vegafalling star
Zillahshade, shadow, gloomHebrew
Zuriewhite and lovely


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    Your information is wrong on soooo many names! Tragic! The name Melaina is of Greek origin, as is the name Cerberus, the name of the three headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. Persephone, has nithing to do with death, in fact it is synonymous to Spring! She was the daughter of Demeter, or Mother Earth, and she had been kidnapped by Pluto the god of the underworld, who fell madly in love with her. When her mother pleaded with him to let her return to earth, he said he would only let her stay with her mother for six months (Spring and Summer) while she would have to stay with him for the rest of the year (Atumn and Winter)

    • Doyenne says:

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      Selene is oso the origin of greek because she was the titan of moon!

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      Oof its Hades not Pluto. Pluto is the roman god and it was Hades which captured Presephone

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    My sons name is Jareth but I named him after David Bowie’s character on the labrynth

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    you can find vampires look into there eyes and you will see a black ring around their eyes and they will get mad.

    • Lily Bowers says:

      Vampires are real, I know one, that one is me. I don’t sleep at night, my skin is cold and I have weird coloured eyes I am also shockingly strong….

  17. Umm… I am a writer and I just stumbled upon this while looking for names for my novel and I was like, this is so cool!! Then I scrolled down to the comments section and it got both weirder and cooler. If you guys have any tips on names, defining characteristics and stuff like that for vampires, werewolves and other ‘mythical creatures’ (as they are referred too).
    I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I don’t mean any harm. I am merely curious and believe this could be a good source of information.
    You guys see

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    Love bites! I discovered my vampirism quite some time ago, and by that I mean.. I am one myself. Many may think that beings like us don’t exist and may shun upon the idea.. though we may often have a bad reputation for being the bad ones, there are lots of us that are quite friendly and just want someone to care for in our lives.. the truth is, we are just as human as you are, and want to just as much acknowledge the ethereal beauties within the world.

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