Monthly Archive: October 2008

halloween music 2

halloween music

Has anyone else also been looking for halloween music? I’ve been researching for the best halloween music to play this halloween, and I’ve found a pretty good selection…some of the best include the theme song from Halloween (the movie), the theme song...

Halloween costumes 2

Halloween costumes

So what is a good costume for you this Halloween? Well, there are many choices out there! We do reccomend being a werewolf for your party, but of course you don’t have too since you are already a wolf. So you next...

the werewolf secret 23

the werewolf secret

There are obstacles, there are many things that may hold you back from the changes that want to take place. It’s almost routine now that the transformation happens, physically and mentally you become numb of the metamorphosis. You can live with this...

werewolves and weredogs 18

werewolves and weredogs

Someone asked me recently if I was a weredog, and it made me think that maybe not everyone knows what a weredog is.  A weredog is different from a werewolf.  The were in werewolf means man.  There are many types of were...

how to draw a werewolf 6

how to draw a werewolf

Draw a werewolf! I found this pretty cool video someone did on drawing a werewolf. They actually draw the werewolf as you watch, but it’s in fast motion, so you can see exactly how it’s done. Very neat.