Monthly Archive: December 2008

Wolfman DVD 10

WolfMan movie

A movie JUST about werewolves is coming soon! The WolfMan – a 1941 werewolf film starring George Waggner is being redone in 2009 (release date expected to be Spring 2009). The movie will star Benicio Del Torro as Lawrence Talbot – a...

werewolves and hundreds of people 5

werewolves and hundreds of people

As time goes by and werewolves change so do people and their views. We talk to and socialize with hundreds of people each day, and among these hundreds of people are many werewolves. Of these many werewolves and hundreds of people (humans)...

When a werewolf transforms is it painful? 227

When a werewolf transforms is it painful?

According to most literature – and most films – transmogrification (which means to change or alter greatly – in other words the process when a werewolf transforms or shapeshifts), is a painful process.  Most literature and films depict the transformation process as...

Who Studies Werewolf Sightings? 55

Who Studies Werewolf Sightings?

Even if you do not believe in werewolves, there is no denying the fact that every year there actually are werewolf sightings and reports.  Some of them are obvious hoaxes, but there are always some that cannot be disproved as hoaxes.  Every...

werewolves and fire 111

werewolves and fire

Are werewolves afraid of fire? This is a werewolf myth.  Most werewolves are not afraid of fire.  Many werewolves do not have any trouble approaching or controlling fire if they have to. Like humans werewolves cannot touch fire without being burned by...

control the werewolf 78

control the werewolf

Creating control. I can create control. I cannot control the actions of others around me, but I can control my actions, my transformations. I transform my actions into a control that will create a control of the actions around me. To control...

werewolves are numb 17

werewolves are numb

You have stood with me in the cold. Now relax and take a breath with me in the cold. For now the cold is not, For now the happiness is not, For now the pain is numb, and for now I take a...

mercy 47


Do humans believe in mercy?Do werewolves believe in mercy? Do you believe in mercy? Recognize the pain you inflict upon others and you might find mercy. Mercy is the root of your life

Werewolves and Christmas 1

Werewolves and Christmas

Werewolves are usually most associated with Halloween, however there are some cultures that believe that werewolves are more likely to show up around holidays – not just Halloween, but also specifically Christmas since it is one of the biggest holidays of the...

seeing is believing 37

seeing is believing

Is it true that the only way to believe is to see? Is this the only way that you might be convinced? To actually see with your eyes the real life werewolf, the werewolf everybody says does not exist. And if you...