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Werewolves and Garlic 12

Werewolves and Garlic

Someone asked me today if werewolves were afraid of garlic. I thought that everyone knew the answer to this, but since I was wrong I’ll answer the question for anyone else that is looking for it. Garlic has nothing to do with...

involuntary transformation warning signs 143

involuntary transformation warning signs

It’s not uncommon for headaches to occur more frequently for a weighted person, a werewolf in human form. Headaches will warn of an imminent  involuntary transformation. Many times you will be warned, you will be given signs from your body, typically within 1-2...

do werewolves eat cats? 26

do werewolves eat cats?

Do werewolves eats cats? Most werewolves do not eat cats. I have never met a werewolf that eats cats. Cats are small and mostly insignificant in the food chain to the werewolf. When a werewolf is hungry most times the werewolf will...

Therianthropy 38


Werewolf transformations are not the only kind of animal transformation believed in. The term that refers to human – animal metamorphosis is therianthropy. Lycanthropy is a form of therianthropy. The belief in therianthropes is not a modern-day belief, and is referenced throughout...

Phases of the Moon 11

Phases of the Moon

Werewolves have a historical relationship with the moon, so it can help to understand the phases of the moon. The normal moon phases that progress over the course of a month are listed below. The entire process takes approximately 29 1/2 days....

werewolf boundary 127

werewolf boundary

I have stepped beyond the boundary, the boundary that separates you from me. I have seen the side that is not my side, the side that is the side that I do not belong (to). I have been on my side for...

werewolves 2009 movie dates 4

werewolves 2009 movie dates

We all knew that 2009 was the year of the werewolf, but Rolling Stone has made it official in their article on the hot creature of 2009 – the werewolf. Entertainment Weekly had an article on werewolves saying the same thing. The...

werewolves envy humans 194

werewolves envy humans

If the werewolf takes complete control of your body, your mind, and your soul, all human will be lost and you too will be lost.

am I a werewolf 165

am I a werewolf

 Am I a werewolf because I can’t see behind myself? Am I a werewolf because I like fire? Am I a werewolf because I enjoy the water? Am I a werewolf because you think I am, or because I think I am? Am I a...

Werewolves, do not hate humans for being themselves. 92

Werewolves, do not hate humans for being themselves.

I have been reading many of your comments, and occasionally I’ve seen mentioned a hate for the human species. As werewolves, you must remember that you are part human. Without humans, there would be no werewolves. It is true that humans can...