Monthly Archive: January 2009

werewolf movie tonight 4

werewolf movie tonight

Jan 10: Ginger Snaps: Unleashed  and Ginger Snaps: The Beginning                  On the SCIFI channel tonight, werewolf movie! April 11: War Wolves  – werewolf movie on Scifi channel tonight!

werewolves moon 27

werewolves moon

Werewolf 967 mentioned that tonight is an unusually huge full moon…they are saying it will be the biggest one of the entire year! For those of you who don’t know, or who might feel more affected by the moon than usual this...

bad moon 73

bad moon

The moon is huge tonight. Full moon tomorrow. People are acting weird. Moods are different. Attitudes strange. Wonder if it’s just me? I heard dogs howling. I hear the wind howling. Things are creaking. Things are scratching. Things are going through my...

Blog Upgrades 83

Blog Upgrades

Hi Everyone, we are undergoing some upgrades to I Love Werewolves, and will be doing work on it all day today.  You may already have noticed things looking funny,  that’s why!  We’ll try to keep it up as much as possible. Sorry...

Full Moon Dates 2009 55

Full Moon Dates 2009

I thought I’d start out the year by sharing the full moon calendar of 2009 (werewolf full moon dates 2010) with you.  Of course this calendar is more useful to humans who want to know what nights they should stay inside. As...