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are werewolves faster than vampires? 166

are werewolves faster than vampires?

Werewolves. Vampires. Answer this question: Who is faster?   The Werewolf or Vampire? Is a Werewolf faster than a vampire? or Is a Vampire faster than a Werewolf? (Find out how werewolves move) Answer who you think is faster, who has the...

vampires werewolves 104

vampires werewolves

Who is better? Werewolves are the new standard. The moment all werewolves have been waiting for, the time when they will not be overshadowed by vampires, the time is now. For centuries Vampires have deemed themselves the “chosen” ones, better than werewolves....

Michael Jackson werewolf 22

Michael Jackson werewolf

Many horror movie lovers claim that Michael Jackson’s Thriller has some of the best werewolf transformation scenes yet. Dark night, full moon, scary chase, it has it all. It’s undeniable that the video is very good – werewolves or not. “It’s close...

Vampire Killing Kit 189

vampire kit

The vampire killing kit – real or not?  Well, one sold recently for a good amount of money.  Sotheby’s – a famous global auction house – got a hold of a vampire killing kit believed to date to the early 20th century...

Werewolf speed drawing picture 5

Werewolf speed drawing picture

This is an even better speed drawing video of a werewolf than the last one I posted. Pretty cool to see how the pictures is drawn, now if only I could draw one so nicely and quickly! Werewolf speed drawing picture.

Why don’t people believe in werewolves? Scientific POV 10

Why don’t people believe in werewolves? Scientific POV

A recent article in USA Today says that people stopped believing in werewolves around the time that Darwin popularized the idea of evolution. Darwin’s evolutionary point of view focused on the evolution of apes into humans. Prior to this notion, werewolves were...

vampire love 38

vampire love

Yes, werewolves and vampires can fall in love. While it is possible, it is not very likely to happen. Because there are no rules to love, and because both vampires and werewolves take human form, there are many reasons why love between...

The Evil Eye 11

The Evil Eye

The evil eye is the belief that a person is able to project a curse onto someone through their gaze. Some believe that the cause of the evil eye is due to jealousy or envy. In some variations of the belief, the...

Werewolves servants to vampires? 1,610

Werewolves servants to vampires?

No! I want to clear up one misconception I’ve read on the web – and this probably stems in part from the last Underworld movie (Rise of the Lycans) and various fiction novels – werewolves are not and never have been servants...

Los Lobos 17

Los Lobos

Los Lobos – translation: The Wolves. Los Lobos is a werewolf pack whose territory lies in the Southern part of California. This werewolf pack is one of the most well-known in that part of the country, in part because of its size...