Monthly Archive: September 2009

Vampire movie with Johnny Depp 5

Vampire movie with Johnny Depp

Another vampire movie in the works, but where are the werewolves?! This time it’s a movie which will be based on a Gothic soap opera from the 1960s called Dark Shadows. The original Dark Shadow show’s plot lines involved vampires, werewolves, and...

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer 3

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer

Here’s the original trailer for the 1956 picture “Werewolf”. The depiction of the werewolf is old-fashioned and antiquated, showing a man entirely covered in fur…more similar to the Wolf Man than a true werewolf.

werewolf photo mexican 13

werewolf witch trials

The werewolf witch trials stemmed from the infamous witch trials which were trials accusing people of witchcraft and thus a pact with the Devil. The werewolf witch trials were a slight deviation on this theme in countries were the fear of werewolves...

Teen Wolf Remake 3

Teen Wolf Remake

A Teen Wolf remake!? Yes, we posted a rumor back in 2007, and now it’s cropping up again… TV is trying to make the werewolf the the new vampire! The most recent news is that a remake of Teen Wolf is in...

Chupacabra is it real? 13

Chupacabra is it real?

It is being reported that a possible real chupacabra was recently found in Blanco, Texas. The chupacabra is also known as the “Mexican Werewolf“, and is a mythical beast which some say drinks the blood of livestock. Mysterious sightings and carcasses have...

werewolf picture 633

werewolf picture or dead bear?

Real werewolf picture? Unfortuanlty I could not find much information on these two pictures of a supposed werewolf. This werewolf is said to have been found by somebody in the area, they did not kill it. Claims are that it looks like...

Snuwolf the Cloned Wolf Dies 36

Snuwolf the Cloned Wolf Dies

A wolf in South Korea named Snuwolf who is reportedly one of the world’s first cloned wolves has died at the age of four. Snuwolf died in her home (a zoo) on Aug. 26. The autopsy results giving the official reason of...