Monthly Archive: February 2010

Dr Who Werewolves Vampires 3

Dr Who Werewolves Vampires

We’ve talked so much about all the new TV shows that feature vampires and werewolves, but there is actually a TV show that has been on quite a while that sometimes features them as well. Dr Who! Dr Who is interesting in...

Wolves Becoming Human 8

Wolves Becoming Human

Werewolves as we all know are humans that transform. But what if you had the reverse situation? A wolf that transformed into a human? What would such a creature be called? Would that type of creature be able to survive in the...

Atlantic Wolffish 1

Wolf fish

A Wolf Fish; The Atlantic Wolffish: Anarhichas lupus Meet another member of the family of wolf-ish living creatures on our planet. Where can you find a Wolffish? This is the Atlantic Wolfish, who can be found in their highest numbers in the...

Priest Vampire Movie 3D 1

Priest Vampire Movie 3D

Vampires are going 3D! The new vampire movie Priest is set for a 2011 release date – the movie is based on the Korean graphic novel of the same name about a priest who turns vampire hunter. And this movie, unlike the...

Wolf's Mona Monkey 4

Wolf’s Mona Monkey

Wolf’s Mona Monkey- Cercopithecus wolfi A werewolf monkey?! Unfortunately not, although it may sound like this Old World monkey is named after a wolf it isn’t. They say that this monkey is named after its founder. The Wolf’s Mona Monkey  oddly enough...

Wolfman Movie Criticism 20

Wolfman Movie Criticism

In response to Werewolf967’s wolfman movie review, I’d like to say he does make some good points, however I think he is being overly harsh on the Wolfman. In fact, my review of wolfman is the exact opposite! I urge you to...

wolfman werewolf review 3

wolfman werewolf review

What a waste of time! The more I think about the movie The Wolfman the more I dislike it. To the werewolf community don’t waste your time… to horror fans, It’s not all that. What was surprising about The Wolfman movie? First...

Vampires vs Zombies 7

Vampires vs Zombies

Why are zombies always talked about in the same sentence as vampires and werewolves? Well, one of the main reasons is because zombies and vampires actually share one big interesting similarity – which is that both zombies and vampires are “undead“. Undead...

Greek Mythology 7

Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek Mythology Damarchus, an Arcadian Olympian Boxer was said to be transformed into a wolf after making a sacrifice to a God on Mount Lycaeus. The Greek God Zeus’ sanctuary during the Lycaea festival and throughout the year was located on...

Werewolves in Music Video 1

Werewolves in Music Video

Yes. Two werewolf puppets in a music video singing Breathe Carol’s song Hello Fascination. Want more of these music-loving werewolf puppets? Check them out as they sit through a 3D showing of Michael Jackson’s live performance of Billie Jean.