Free Limited Shapeshifter I Love Werewolves Werewolf sticker!

Updated: 2/17/2011 We still have some free werewolf stickers to giveaway… if you want one just follow the instructions below! FREE STICKERS! Woohooo! Want a free I Love Werewolves shapeshifter sticker? All you have to do is send a Self-addressed stamped envelope to Werewolf967 and Buddy at the I Love Werewolves BOX… (found here)! And we will return to you one I Love Werewolves shapeshifter sticker. We have shapeshifter stickers to giveaway to our readers so  just send a SASE to I Love Werewolves to get one of these ILW shapeshifter stickers for FREE. Special Thanks to all of...
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Do werewolves like the cold?

Yes! In fact, most werewolves are naturally very warm, so the cold does not bother them that much. If you touch a werewolf in human form, they will feel warmer to the touch than you would expect a human to feel. In werewolf form, the werewolf will feel even warmer to the touch. This is because their body core stays much warmer than normal. In addition, some werewolves can to a certain degree control their body temperature, allowing them to be comfortable in colder climates much easier than werewolf’s unique ability to regulate its body temperature is somewhat similar...
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5 Christmas Vampire Movies

How about some vampire Christmas movies to warm up these cold nights?  Most of these movies are at a minumum set in a cold snowy place around wintertime, and are best watched during the cold winter months! Christmas Vampire Movie Countdown #1  Let Me In This movie was a 2010 release and is based on the original movie Let the Right One In. Both movies are equally good (the new release is American, the original is Swedish), and tell the story of a vampire girl that makes friends with a boy that’s being bullied at school. The movie takes...
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Did you miss the Lunar Eclipse? Watch time lapse video!

Last night (in the early morning hours of December 21, 2010) there was a total lunar eclipse – meaning that the sun, moon, and earth are lined up exactly so that the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, thereby causing an eclipse! The event took place between 1:33am and 5am early Tuesday morning. Many lunar eclipses are only partial, but last nights was a total eclipse, and to add to that, it was very special for a two reasons – first, it was the last lunar eclipse of 2010 – second, and much more interesting, it was the first lunar...
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Werewolves the Dark Survivors

Animal Planet aired a TV special called Werewolves The Dark Survivors last year.  The show is a two hour special about werewolves from the point of view of a werewolf. The show does not have real werewolves in it, but rather is considered a “mockumentary” – it’s shown as if it was a documentary, making it seem real, though it’s not.  The story is interesting in that it gives a realistic explanation with a bit of science mixed into the show’s fiction to get the show’s explanation of how werewolves came to be and survive. The show revolves around...
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The Cold One – vampire fact or fiction?

Who started calling Vampires Cold Ones? While werewolves and vampires have alot in common, one big difference between the two is their skin temperature.  While werewolves are warm to the touch, vampires are icy cold.  In recent years, vampires have even earned the nickname “The Cold One” thanks to this characteristic.  But Hollywood has also had alot to do with the recent popularity of calling vampires “Cold Ones”.  In fact, the nickname has been further popularized by the Twilight movies – specifically, in one movie scene, the character Bella does research on vampires and comes up with a website...
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vampire names around the world

What would you call a vampire if you went to another country?  Well pretty much if you say the word “vampire” the idea is going to translate across countries without problem.  The translated name looks and sounds incredibly similar from language to language.  Take a tour around the world, and these are the words you’ll need….. Africa – Asasabonsam Albania – vampir Bulgaria – вампир (vampir) Croatia – upir /upirina Czech – upír Estonia – vampiir Finland – vampyyri France – vampyre Germany – vampir Greece – βρυκόλακας Hungary – vámpír Iceland – Vampire Italy – vampiro Malayasia –...
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Is the Christmas Goblin a Werewolf?

If you first hear the story of the legend of the Christmas Goblin, you probably will think it an interesting story, but would never think twice about it being related to werewolves. Interestingly though, there are some that believe that there is a true link between the two, and that possibly the history of the modern day werewolf and the Christmas Goblin are intertwined… Kallikantzaroi The Christmas Goblin – or Kallikantzaroi – is a creature from Greek folklore and legend. As legend holds, the goblin is a creature that lives underground. His mission in life is to chop down...
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2 free online werewolf games, plus Bumper Ball for all!

Do you want to play free online Java Werewolf games? Take some time to play a game! The first two are werewolf games and the third game is a game called Bumper Ball that everybody can play! There are literally thousands and thousands of games you can play on the internet for free, the trouble is sifting and sorting through the piles of games in search for the ones you want! Which free online games was I looking for? Obviously for werewolf and/or wolf related games that were fun enough to spend some spare time playing. #1 The first...
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