Monthly Archive: March 2011

New Bigfoot Video – Real or Hoax? 7

New Bigfoot Video – Real or Hoax?

There is a new bigfoot video that is making the rounds on the internet of supposedly “brand new” footage of the illustrious hard-to-photograph yeti (aka bigfoot) and everyone is trying to figure out if it is real or a hoax. I’ve watched...

if you met a werewolf you’d want to meet a wulver 3

if you met a werewolf you’d want to meet a wulver

The Wulver – not wolverine, WULVER – is a type of Scottish werewolf.  The Wulver is a bit different from traditional werewolves in that it is believed that the Wulver was never at any point an actual man, but rather a creature...

Super moon 13


The full moon tonight will be the largest it has been in 18 years!! And in fact it will actually appear bigger than it has in a long time – 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter! Because the moon is going...

Wednesday morning werewolf cartoon 1

Wednesday morning werewolf cartoon

Wednesday morning cartoons! Sometimes it’s nice to just site back and watch a cartoon. And it’s even better when it might have a werewolf in it…. Enjoy! 🙂

Zombie Apocalypse Music Video 0

Zombie Apocalypse Music Video

Yes, I said music video about the zombie apocalypse!  Why not start out spring break with zombies?!?!  Just think, all those things you’re not allowed to do on spring break aren’t so bad – it could be way waaaaayyy worse – we...

Zombie pet 20

3 reasons you should not keep a zombie as a pet

There are 3 main reasons why you should not keep a zombie as a pet: 1.  MORALITY Zombies used to be human!   Humans are not pets!!  You cannot and would not ever keep a human as a pet, therefore how can...

Fable 3 5

Werewolves in Fable 3 are called Balverines!

In Fable (the XBOX 360 game), there’s a creature called a Balverine.  The Balverine is sometimes referred to as the Fable version of the werewolf.  And they are indeed very similar to werewolves.  Characteristics they have in common with werewolves include that...

Boanthropy 7

Boanthropy – the werecow!

We’ve all heard of lycanthropy, but have you heard of boanthropy? Boanthropy is when someone believes that they are a bovine (cow, bison, buffalo, ox).  In other words –  if you were to ever meet a were-cow – you’d be meeting someone...

Vampire Reflection 6

Do vampires have a reflection in the mirror?

Not all legends and myths agree on the question of if vampires have a mirror reflection – you will find arguments on both sides of the question. Many of the more traditional legends however do claim that vampires in fact do not...