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real werewolf evidence? 45

Real werewolf caught on tape!!??

Could this video be evidence of a real werewolf in human form caught on tape? How much real footage of werewolves is really out there? And could you recognize a real one in human form if you ever saw one? Get a...

Vampire Werewolf War? 133

War between the Vampires and Werewolves?

Does the war between the werewolf and the vampire really exist? If so, how do you know it really exists? Here are some things about this supposed war that makes me think that the war between the two legendary beings does not...

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10 things to do this summer!

10 things to do this summer on I Love! Here it is… a list of the many different things to do to keep yourself occupied this summer. Enjoy! 1. Watch the movie of the week! Every Saturday a new film is...

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Real Full moon eclipse footage!

On June 15, 2011 there was a total full moon eclipse! What is a lunar eclipse? “A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s rays and casting a shadow on the moon....

Being a werewolf is awesome list 25

10 reasons being a werewolf is awesome!

The top reasons it is awesome to be a werewolf…. 1.  Strength! – Werewolves might not have the muscles of bodybuilders, but they are strong. Incredibly so. 2.  Howling – The werewolf can howl like no other – howling represents a freeing...

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Moonstone reunites lovers and transforms werewolves

Moonstone is a real gemstone that is believed to be able to assist in werewolf transformations! Yes, a rock that can help a werewolf transform! This is only one of its many powers – it is also said that moonstone can reunite lovers, help in spiritual healing, and possibly even help in fortune telling the future. Can a stone do all this? Ancient romans certainly thought so – and linked the stone very closely with the moon….and not surprisingly with werewolves as well! […] read more […]