Monthly Archive: February 2012

super bowl occupies humans 3

Super Bowl Sunday 2012 more than just football

Today is Super Bowl Sunday 2012  in the United States.  One of the best days of the year for werewolves! Second only to Halloween!  😉  Here are the reasons to love Super Bowl 2012, and even if you’re just not that into...

technology werewolves 11

Does the advance of technology hurt the werewolf?

Technology is advancing at an astronomical pace.  What does this mean?  Are science and technology advancing at such a rapid rate that the werewolf is endangered? There is no question that we are moving into the world of science fiction…. Manufacturers predict...

vampire art 2

Hundred Year Old Vampire Art

Although vampires have become very popular recently in films, TV, and novels, vampires were being depicted in artwork hundreds of years ago! One of the most famous pieces of vampire art that is more than a hundred years old was painted by...