Monthly Archive: January 2013

difference between a wolf and a coyote 0

difference between a wolf and a coyote

Wolves and coyotes looks somewhat similar, however there are some differences!  If you spot one out in the wild, it’s always helpful to be able to tell what you’re looking at! For the most part, as you would think, a coyote is...

Werewolf: Lost Tapes 1

Werewolf: Lost Tapes

Finding the beast within. Here’s a brief synopses of the werewolf coverage in Animal Planet’s Lost Tapes series. Rampaging beast? Hideous wolf? Or simply creature condemned to human scrutiny and skepticism?

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf? 1

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf?

The lobishomen is a legendary undead vampire-like creature of Brazil. Also known in other areas of South America, the lobishomen is not a vampire by normal hollywood standards – in fact, it is something that is hard to even imagine! It is...

Hemlock Grove horror series trailer 0

Hemlock Grove horror series trailer

Anyone with Netflix, get ready! Netflix is putting together a 13 episode series called “Hemlock Grove” by director Eli Roth (the same Eli Roth of Hostel fame). Hemlock Grove is scheduled to premiere on April 19, 2013. It is based on the...

word of the day: versipellis 2

word of the day: versipellis

Versipellis is an old term that means “shapeshifting” or “shapechanging” and at one time was used in reference to werewolves. Although you hardly ever hear the term versipellis anymore, you may be more familiar with the words from which it is derived!...

Carnivorous mouse howls at the moon! 1

Carnivorous mouse howls at the moon!

Very strange….and TRUE!! The mouse in question is the “Southern Grasshopper Mouse” – the scientific name is Onychomys torridus. More commonly, they are referred to as “Scorpion Mice”, and often compared with wolves! At first glance the mouse looks like any other...

2013 Full Wolf Moon is on Saturday! 1

2013 Full Wolf Moon is on Saturday!

Tomorrow is the WOLF MOON! It’s going to be a Saturday night, and the moon will be full. If you have good weather in your part of the world, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the first full moon of 2013! Here’s...

She Wolf Music Video – David Guetta & Sia 2

She Wolf Music Video – David Guetta & Sia

So, there was Shakira’s She-Wolf Music video, and now there’s a new one called She Wolf – Falling To Pieces by French DJ David Guetta and featuring Australian singer Sia.  The song was released late last year through digital download and has...

werewolf skyrim 1

werewolf skyrim

For those of you looking for a werewolf game to play, you can check out the Elder Scrolls role-playing games (made for XBox, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3). Although the game isn’t solely about werewolves, you’ll find werewolves starting in The Elder...

Morag Monster 1

Morag Monster

Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster “Nessie”, but did you know that there’s another well-documented loch monster named Morag? Morag is said to live in Loch Morar in the Scottish Highlands – a loch so big it has five islands,...