Monthly Archive: April 2015

werewolves are not barbarians 26

Synonyms for the word “werewolf”

Werewolves are not barbarians. But that’s not what the thesaurus says! If you search through the online thesaurus, you might be surprised to discover that it has all kinds of interesting synonyms for the word werewolf. But I guarantee you that there...

full moon for werewolves 0

werewolf plant needs full moon to survive!

There is one plant out there that is waiting patiently, day after day, night after night, for one moment in the month – the night of the full moon!  The plant is a new species that was recently discovered – the werewolf...

wolf eating easter egg 6

Wolves on the prowl…for Easter Eggs?

Happy Easter Everyone! If you have an Easter Egg hunt planned for today, rest assured you’re not the only one! In fact, rest assured it’s not only humans that hunt eggs on Easter! Yesterday at the South Salem Wolf Conservation Center some...