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This is Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone had a safe night away from the ghoulies and ghosties and vampires and werewolves! 😀

how to become a werewolf 61

How to become a werewolf

So, everyone knows how to become a vampire, but do you know how to become a werewolf?  Legends, myths, lore, and superstitions tell of a wide variety of ways. Drink from the paw print of a wolf.  Legends vary on the exact...

dont let the werewolves bite! 0

Goodnight, don’t let the werewolves bite!

Well friends, I’m off to sleep for the night! You should be too! Goodnight! Sleep Tight! Don’t let the werewolves bite! If they do, grab a shoe, and whack them ’til they’re black and blue!   If they try, I’ll bite them...

i only date werewolves 3

Sorry, I only date werewolves!

Dear ILW,   Is it weird that I only date werewolves?  I mean, if you are not a werewolf, please just keep on walking by.  Don’t ask me out on a date because I only date werewolves.  It didn’t always used to be...

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10 Awesome Tweets About Werewolves that make perfect sense

1. [while turning into a werewolf] are u serious i literally just bought these pants — chuuch (@ch000ch) October 18, 2015 2. Want to be a werewolf for Halloween but I can’t even grow a beard 😕 — Jovanni Michel ⚽ (@El_TorroBlanco)...

Jersey Devil makes special appearance? Hoax or Real? 2

Jersey Devil makes special appearance? Hoax or Real?

An image is circulating the internet of what some are claiming is the Jersey Devil flying through the air. The photo was taken on a cell phone by an Atlantic security guard in Galloway, New Jersey. The photographer claims the image has...