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Christmas Jokes – Part 2!

Need a good joke to tell to break the tension on Christmas day when all the family is together? Here are 10 Christmas jokes that should at least get a smile! Q: What is a vampire’s favorite Christmas song? A: I’m Dreaming...

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Names for Santa Claus around the world

Every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24 & 25) Santa travels around the world bringing good will, merriment, cheer, love, and presents to millions of people all across the globe. Depending on where you live however, he does not...

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2016 National Dog Show Winners!

Every year I post the winners of the National Dog Show – watching canines strut their stuff on the catwalk might be one of the easiest ways to distract yourself from digging into that Thanksgiving turkey too early! 😉 If you missed...