31 werewolf things you can do every day in October!

31 werewolf things for octoberOctober 1 – Have some fun, check out what your werewolf name might be. 🙂

October 2 – Curl outside in a pool of sunshine and let the warmth of the sun soak into your skin. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.

October 3 – Yesterday was the sun, today is the night. When it gets dark, go outside, find a spot to sit, and just listen to the sounds that come at you from the surrounding darkness.

October 4 – Tonight try being a wolf in your dreams through Lucid Dreaming.

October 5 – Reward yourself tonight by watching a werewolf movie that you haven’t seen before.

October 6 – Find sometime in the day to go on a jog, then turn it into a run…let loose and feel the wind in your hair, feel the breeze on your skin…run!

October 7 – Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, today you should fulfill that craving for meat!

October 8 – Take a minute to see what’s going on with the wolves! Who says you have to go to a zoo? Just look at a streaming wolf cam!

October 9 – Test your tracking skills…go outside and look for tracks in the dirt and see if you can identify what animal they might be…

October 10 – Take a couple of minutes and check out a werewolf song!

October 11 –  Have some fun and learn a few of the steps from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video!

October 12 – Tonight you need to learn how to howl.

October 13 – Get outside and get into nature..go on a hike!

October 14 –  Watch a werewolf transformation scene!

October 15 – Listen to a werewolf podcast.

October 16 – It’s a full moon. Get outside and catch a glimpse of it!

October 17 – Tell someone a werewolf joke.

October 18 –  Before you get out of bed this morning, take 5 minutes and just let your mind be still.  Breathe deep.  Enjoy the freshness of the day.

October 19 –  Learn the name of a werewolf in another country.

October 20 – Tonight is the best time to view the Orionid Meteor Shower – look up into the night sky!

October 21 –  A week ago you went on a hike, tonight go on a nighttime hike – check your local community, they might offer them…if not, just go in your backyard or front yard and see what’s going on…you’ll be surprised how different things are at night!

October 22 – It’s Saturday. Take a couple of minutes and watch a werewolf cartoon.

October 23 –  Go outside sometime today and just take in the scents on the wind.  See if you can identify them.

October 24 – Be inspired. Read an inspirational quote.

October 25 – Try running on all fours.

October 26 – Teach yourself a werewolf tongue twister.

October 27 – Look up at the night sky and see if you can find the constellation Lupus.

October 28 –  Days don’t always have to be hectic.  Take 30 minutes for a wolfnap to refresh yourself.

October 29 –  Time to watch a werewolf movie you probably have already seen before – An American Werewolf in London!

October 30 – Halloween is almost here. Go outside and let your excitement show with a deep howl!

October 31 – Halloween!! Get out tonight, have some candy, and beware the other creatures of the night!



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