40+ Werewolf Pumpkin Carving Pictures and Designs for halloween!

werewolf pumpkin carvingsBelow are pictures of over 40 different types of werewolf pumpkin carvings!! Try using these designs as inspiration for your own pumpkin carving this halloween!

When do you carve your pumpkin?

Keep in mind that once a pumpkin is carved, it tends to start rotting and deteriorating. Depending on the weather where you are located, this can happen quickly or slowly. Optimally, pumpkins should be carved about 5 days before halloween.


When should you buy your pumpkin?

The beginning of October! If you purchase or pick a healthy pumpkin, it can last 8 – 12 weeks if it has not been carved. Remember, weather can effect how quickly your pumpkin will stay fresh – cooler weather is better (hot humid weather will cause your pumpkin to rot faster). When picking your pumpkin, look for healthy pumpkins – they should be firm (be sure to check the entire pumpkin for soft spots) and have a stem attached.



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