5 Christmas Vampire Movies

How about some vampire Christmas movies to warm up these cold nights?  🙂 Most of these movies are at a minumum set in a cold snowy place around wintertime, and are best watched during the cold winter months!

Christmas Vampire Movie Countdown

#1  Let Me In

This movie was a 2010 release and is based on the original movie Let the Right One In. Both movies are equally good (the new release is American, the original is Swedish), and tell the story of a vampire girl that makes friends with a boy that’s being bullied at school. The movie takes place in a snow-covered New Mexico setting.

#2   30 Days of Night
This movie is set in the little isolated town of Barrow, Alaska which is hidden from the sun and plunged into darkness each winter for 30 days. As the town is readying itself for the long month of pure winter darkness, a team of vampires, attracted by the extended period of time that there will be no sunlight, comes into town.

#3   Frostbitten (aka Frostbite)
This is a Swedish film about a doctor that moves to a small Swedish town (that gets 30 days of night each year) with her daughter to work with a geneticist. The little town is struck with mysterious deaths by something that hunts at night….vampires?!

#4 Nightmare Before Christmas
This animated Tim Burton film stars 4 vampires! (In addition to other monsters). The movie is about Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, who is tired of doing Halloween over and over. To his delight, he discovers Christmas Town!

#5 Fearless Vampire Killers
This is an old comedy horror movie from 1967! It’s set in snowy, wintry, wonderland, and has snow, lost of snow, and oh yes, 2 vampire hunters. “Pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck….”



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