5 Famous Werewolves

1. Peter Stubbe – From Germany. Stubbe is perhaps one of the most infamous of all werewolves and sometimes referred to as the Werewolf of Bedburg; no account of werewolf history goes without mentioning Stubbe. Stubbe was put to trial in 1589 for being a werewolf. He claimed that the Devil gave him a magic belt which caused him to transform into a werewolf.

2. Thiess of Kaltenbrun – a man from Livonia in 1692 that claimed to be a “Hound of God”. He claimed as a werewolf he transformed 3 times a year (primarily on St. Lucia’s Day, the Pentecost, and St. John’s Day) and traveled to Hell to fight the Devil. He was eventually banished for his beliefs. Thiess is often referred to as the “Livonian Werewolf” and his story has been studied and debated extensively by historians. He claims to have transformed by putting on a special wolf pelt which he gave to someone else…he however later recanted this and said that he was simply able to tranform without any assistance of external devices.

3. Jean Grenier – A 14 year old boy sentenced in 1603 in France for being a werewolf. Grenier claimed to have transformed into a werewolf by use of a special paste applied to his skin which turned him into werewolf form.

4. Pierre Bourgot & Michel Verdun – Admitted to being werewolves in 1521. Most famously known as the Werewolves of Poligny. Bourgot claims to have been recruited to become the servant of a demon. The demon eventually turned him into a werewolf. Claimed to turn into werewolves by rubbing a special herbal mixture on their skin.

5. Hans of Estonia – An 18 year old who went on trial during the werewolf witch trials of 1651 for being a werewolf. He confessed to being a werewolf since he was 16, and that a “man in black” had given him the powers. He denied that he had any type of pact with the Devil as his accusers claimed.



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  1. she wolf says:

    Hey I’m one of it too! Naaaaaahhhhhh! just kidding.

  2. Aaaaaaand you can bet that most – if not all – of those people were brutally tortured before “confessing.”

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