5 phobias vampires might have

A phobia is a word that’s used to describe a fear or anxiety of something. They are constructed by a Greek prefix (which describes what the phobia is) followed by the word “phobia” which is derived from the Greek word phobos, meaning fear.

Anyone can have a phobia…even vampire can have phobias too! Here’s a list of some. 😉

Catoptrophobia – the irrational fear of mirrors (sometimes called Eisoptrophobia)
from the root katoptron (meaning mirror)

Staurophobia – fear of crosses or the crucifix
from the root stauro (meaning cross-like)

Eosophobia– the fear of dawn or daylight
from the root eoso (meaning dawn)

Heliophobia – the fear of the sun
from the root helios (meaning sun)

Phengophobia – fear of sunshine
from the root phengo meaning sunshing



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2 Responses

  1. Milan says:

    If this was one of those fill in the bubble test I would have said ” all of the above! “

  2. S keyc says:

    That’s silly. I bet if they are real the only phobia they have is of being found by people like us. Most of us would most likely get freaked out and try to kill the poor thing. If they are real they hide for a reason !

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