8 New Christmas Horror Movies (2010 or newer releases)

Here’s a list of new horror movies perfect for watching around Christmas! They were considered because they either take place on or during Christmas or they have enough snow to make them the perfect winter movie! If you want more, check out the list of Christmas Vampire movies or Christmas Werewolf Movies.

A Christmas Horror Story
Released 2015
Taking place on Christmas Eve, this movie follows a four different interwoven Christmas stories including Santa slaying evil. Starring William Shatner.

Released 2015
Set at Christmastime, this movie is festive and scary at the same time. The movie follows a family set to celebrate Christmas, only to be caught off guard when an old German Christmas creature (Krampus) starts terrorizing them.

Crimson Peak
Released 2015
This creepy gothic movie takes place in the late 1800s/early 1900s and follows a young woman who falls in love and gets married only to discover her husband is not who she thinks he is. The movie has ghosts, suspense, and enough tension to (maybe not make you scream) but at least make your spine tingle with the spooky atmosphere. Although it doesn’t take place at Christmas, it’s set in an old dark spooky mansion in England and has enough snow and chilly weather that it makes the perfect winter movie! Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, and starring Tom Hiddleston

Released 2015
Lots of snow and mutant polar bears makes this the perfect winter movie!

The Visit
Released 2015
A couple of teenagers go to visit their grandparents in snow-covered Pennsylvania only to discover a shocking secret instead. Directed and writted by M. Night Shymalan.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Released 2010
The movie takes place on Christmas Eve and centers on an archaeological dig that unearths something frozen deep under the ground – a monster…or is it really Santa?

Sint (Saint)
Released 2011
This Dutch horror movie will be subtitled if you want to watch it in English, but may be well worth the reading! The movie is about a different version of “Saint Nick” – a deadly ghost who wreaks mayhem annually in December during the full moon.

Released 2015
This movie is set in a frozen snow-covered landscape, making it a great movie to watch during winter! It’s a post-apocalyptic movie about a couple of people that have survived the near extinction of humanity after a zombie apocalypse.



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