A Howling Chicken, and 4 other animals that wish they could howl like a wolf too

who howls bestLooks like animals everywhere wish they could howl! Some of these attempts at howling are better than others..of particular impressiveness is the chicken’s howl…ok, you might have to use a bit of imagination with that one, but for a bird, it’s not all that bad. The cutest attempt at howling probably goes to the Pomeranian Puppy who is learning straight from a Wolf Video! 🙂 Highest pitch howl has to go to the Mouse. The worst howl probably goes to the cat. Finally, the most unexpected howl is probably the lemur!

Who gives the wolf the best run for his money? You decide!

Pomeranian Puppy

Blue Orpington Chicken






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  1. Remus Lupin says:

    The Pomeranian won

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