A Teenage Werewolf! Musical!

This musical does gurantee one thing… werewolves! and singing! and music! Ok, that’s more than one thing…It’s like music to your ears, or werewolves to music, or musical werewolves? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this is a unique “take” on the Teen Wolf movies that starred the beloved werewolf of the 80’s Michael J. Fox.

What was the last werewolf musical you saw? Bucket-list item? … Tickets start cheaper than you would pay for a non-werewolf movie at the theater… Why not check it out…

The Change Another Teenage Werewolf Musical by Dad’s Garage Theatre Company is a new werewolf musical.

the change another teenage werewolf musical

Storyline: Adolescence can get hairy, which is exceptionally true for Mikey, a mild-mannered high school student who feels anything but normal. On top of being new to a small town, he’s going through that difficult transformation that all teenage boys do: puberty. But for Mikey, armpit hair and raging hormones are only the beginning of his problems – he’s unknowingly inherited the family curse – lycanthropy!

Written by Travis Sharp
Music by Eric Frampton
Directed by Sean Daniels

Credit: Dads garage .com also for more information or to see the show check them out!

This musical can be seen for a limited time from: May 28, 2010 – June 19, 2010 at the Dad’s Garage Theatre which is located in Atlanta Georgia.


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