abominable snowman

The abominable snowman is a creature that is rumored to live in cold snow-covered areas, in particular the Himalayas.  The term Yeti is often used interchangeably when discussing the creature.

What does he look like?

abominable snowmanMost movie depictions of the abominable snowman show a white fur-covered creature traipsing through the snow. Thus, most people think the abominable snowman is white (also, describing him as a “snowman” adds to the misconception that the creature is white). Original sightings of the creature however actually describe a dark fur-covered creature. He is said to walk on two legs much like a man, and stand approximately 8 feet tall. It is said the creature resembles an ape and has face of a gorilla.

So, are Yeti and Abominable Snowman really the same? And if so, why are there two terms?

The general public does tend to think that these are two separate creatures, however in most professional circles that study the creatures, the terms yeti and abominable snowman are interchangeable.

The term ‘abominable snowman’ was apparently a translation of the term ‘metoh-kangm’ which was used in 1921 on one of the original sightings to describe the creature…metoh means man-bear, and kang-mi means snowman, and thus the legend was born! And the word yeti? Well, it is derived from the term ‘yeh-teh’ and also the term “meh-teh” which are words that were actually used in Tibet when describing the creature.

What kind of sightings have there been?

Tracks of huge human-like footprints imprinted in the snow are the most common evidence found from rare sightings of the creature. Naysers say that the odd footprints are actually bear prints, although others point out the extreme size of the prints and the shape which is unlike those of a bear. Scientists in the regions where the “yeti” exist insist that the creature is real and have formed expeditions to provide conclusive proof to all skeptics.

Want even more on the abominable snowman? Here’s a movie!! (Black and white…)



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