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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the ILW FAQ! Questions will appear in no particular order… If you prefer an order then yes, they are in a specific order just for you. This FAQ is reserved for site questions… if you have a particular werewolf question I bet you can find your answer on the site, there are so many “beings” here willing to help… ask around or read the posts, we answer a lot of werewolf questions in posts… if you have a question not in the faq, post it in a comment and we will try to answer…Site questions only please…

Who runs ILW?

Buddy and Werewolf967 founded the blog and are the writers… But ILW relies highly on the interaction of the readers, without you ILW would not be here… the interactions and learning experiences from you guys is what drives us..   <3

Who are the admin of ILW?

There are only two (2) admins of the ILW site, Buddy and Werewolf967. Any other people or “beings” claiming to be admins of the site are in fact impersonators! Do not believe them! In the event there are any other admins we will add their name to this list:

Buddy, Werewolf967 –List of Official Admins

Where else can I find ILW on the inter-webs?

Find us on youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Dailybooth!

How do I get an image next to my name when I comment on ILW?

To get an Image put next to your name- aka Avatar, or Gravatar… the ones you see next to others comments, all you have to do is… First, Howl! Just to get in the spirit 😉 … Next think of your favorite username, wolf, werewolf, human, vamp, zombie, or whatever they call you on the inter-webs… then once you have all that figured out find yourself an image that matches your name or personality… Finally! Get your Gravatar here! Once you sign up for the Gravatar come back here and make a comment using the same email addy and username that you signed up with… the image should appear and you can change it at any time you want! This image will display on any site that carries the Gravatar feature, so you can use it in more places than one…

Am I a werewolf? + I have a question that has to do with shapeshifting or general werewolf related things.

There are hundreds of blog posts that attempt to answer many of the questions that you seek, and below the posts you will find the reader comments, the heart of ILW… Read the posts, then go through the comments, we all interact with each other in attempts to find answers to these questions… If you don’t find your particular question you can always email us but I would suggest posting a comment too so that ALL can try to get you an answer, there are sooo many knowledgeable visitors to ILW.

Is Buddy a boy or girl?

Ahh… yes. The question many think they know the answer to… as a matter of fact Buddy is a Girl…What about Werewolf967? Boy!

When was ILW founded?

August of 2007 is when we went LIVE… you should be sure to be here in August, we have the most awesomest anniversary werewolf parties EVER!

Werewolves ftw?


Do you talk about anything other than werewolves on ILW?

Sure. We talk about Lycans, Therianthropes, Vampires, Zombies, Witches… Buddy loves posting about the annual dog show on Thanksgiving, last time she mentioned how hungry she got after watching the show…weird… We also love sharing information about werewolf movies and most other things that have to do with werewolves.

How do I buy an ILW werewolf t-shirt? What other products does ILW have?

We have the exclusive official I Love Werewolves tees! District Lines! Get one! The ILW T-shirts are printed only on American Apparel, the best quality tees anywhere! Made in the USA.

We also have limited edition ILW shifter stickers here!

How do I contact ILW?

On the contact page here! It is for general questions of any relation including business inquiries… and for those wanting to send us a piece of mail, write us a letter, or draw us a picture (or not! 😀 ), send it to the mailing address which can be found on our Contact page … In the letter let us know if we can share it with all the users and post it on the site! 🙂

Will you review my book or product?

Probably…Send us an email to the “help” address with some specifics!

What is a “verified user” on ILW?

Want to be verified? verified account The purple check mark is reserved for frequent ILW users! The check mark certifies that you are “THE” user you say you are, and if somebody were to try to comment by using (or impersonating) you with the same user name you got certified we will all know who the impersonator is! No two “certified” usernames can be alike! (In trial/beta/testing phase)
Want to be verified? Email us and ask, thats it!

Why did I get banned from ILW? ILW Etiquette: ILW is a “PG” site!

We would like this site be as user/family/friend/neighborly as possible! Please respect other users of the site, practice netiquette, be courteous of other peoples views, it’s ok to disagree but do it respectfully. If you can’t follow basic human, half human, half animal politeness you will be banned. Think of it as a ban as if  you walked into your friends house and began using foul language to your friends parents…You would get the boot out of the house for disrespecting! Don’t disrespect ILW or other users! And I know some of you fancy shmancy people will say, “What’s the big deal? I cuss around my parents all the time,” well my friend around these here parts we respect our friends house.

Also, please do not use “asterisk profanity”; it is not clever to write a cuss word and use a “*” to bleep out a  letter/word. Th*nk y*u!

Also, If we suspect you to be a troll, causing problems, using a fake email address that a bot would use you will be banned. To prove you have a legitimate email address, and to clarify your situation, you can always sign up for a Gravatar icon (avatar)…however this is not required. This just lets the system know you are not a bot and should be allowed to post.

P.S. …Look how long this one question got! *SMH* Shaking Head

Please, just have fun while using the site and respect others. Thats it!

How do I make Smileys in a comment?

This is a list of  wordpress “smileys” that will be recognized on ilovewerewolves.com!

Wordpress Smileys list

I have a suggestion for a subject/topic of a post, an idea for a T-shirt design, sticker design, site colors…etc.

We want your input… please leave a comment or send us a message!

72 Responses

  1. Mercader says:

    @astute newt: Black ops = Hersecarrier12
    Add me

  2. astute newt says:

    shur, you’ll know it’s me when u send u a message.

  3. retileis clearly breaking most of the rules here.

  4. ILiekPizza says:


    Get a IM chatroom to replace the “Chat”. That would not only free up webspace for this site but it will also help it load faster and remove random chatting on every post.

    It would help keep the blogs clean.

  5. dark thunder aka Jacob says:


    “Do you talk about anything other than werewolves on ILW?

    Sure. We talk about Lycans, Therianthropes, Vampires, Zombies, Witches… ”

    can you try to find information relating to kitsūne like me?

  6. dark thunder aka Jacob says:

    also, lycans and therianthropes are essentially the same as werewolves.

  7. Argharna Welyn says:

    lycans interesting

  8. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Mercader: frequently asked questions are useful

  9. Argharna Welyn says:

    @astute newt: @lonewolf123: that might be a sign that the weathers changing or a tornado may be forming depending on the colour of the clouds.

  10. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Shadow Hunter: ah reunions nothing like em.

  11. Konstantine says:

    If anyone know how to become a werewolf please contact with me!! i Want to be a werewolf! my email is : [email protected] i sucrifice everything for this.

  12. Gabriel says:

    @Konstantine: probably not going to respond after I answer this like everyone else does but I must tell you no one here (and I mean no one) and hardly anyone outside of here knows how to become a werewolf so I’d suggest either stop searching or search elsewhere. But please respond to this: why sacrifice (that’s how it’s spelled) everything? I mean EVERYTHING? That’s a bit extensive…

  13. Konstantine says:

    Thank you for your answer!

  14. Whisper says:

    Im a lonewolf, but i am searching to join a pack or for pack members . 🙂

  15. blooddeath in a bathtub says:

    Hay i luv ur site! ☺️

  16. Michaela says:

    This is a great site, thank you

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  18. Gege says:

    I was with a werewolf and how badly I wanted to become one and he said he would never do that to me, so I ask do you werewolf sell your soul and lose the chance to meet Jesus

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