Grab some of the ILW goodies! A favicon shortcut for your ipod touch and the ILW igoogle Werewolf Moon Phases widget.

Share ILW with others! Just copy and paste the embed code to post the ILW favicon to your website!

i love werewolves

<a href="">
<img title="i love werewolves" src=""
alt="i love werewolves" width="32" height="32" /></a>
i love werewolves

<a href=””>

<img title=”i love werewolves” src=””

alt=”i love werewolves” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a>

Or just use the plain text link below…( I Love Werewolves.Com )

<a title="i love werewolves" href="" target="_blank">I Love Werewolves.Com</a>
Got an ipod touch? Add the ILW favicon shortcut to your homepage!

add to your ipod touch homescreen

1. On your ipod touch navigate to

2. Once on the ILW homepage on the bottom toolbar of your ipod touch press the + sign (plus sign).

3. Click the option “Add to Home Screen”

4. Click “Add”

The ILW favicon will appear on your ipod touch home screen and will serve a quick shortcut to the wesbite!


Every human and every werewolf needs to keep track of the moon phases. Use the ILW igoogle Werewolf Moon Phase widget on your homepage or website. Just click the “add” button and you will be instantly keeping track of the moon, or use the embed code!

<script src="