Adopt a dog that looks like a wolf! Here is a list!

Although there are many people that do have wolves as pets, it’s not the best idea. Wolves are not domesticated – they are wild animals with a wild spirit that belongs outdoors and free. They are not trainable, dependable, or eager to please the way dogs are. But if you still want a wolf for a pet, your next best choice is to adopt a dog that looks like a wolf. By doing so you’ll get the best of both worlds – a companion that will be loyal to you, eager to please, and dependable, as well as a companion that has the wild spirit and look of the wolf you love. Here are some great dog breed choices:

dogs that look similar to wolves:

  1.  Alaskan Malamute – the Alaskan Malamute is a very large dog which can weigh in at around 80 – 100 pounds.  Upon first glance, the Alaskan Malmute looks quite similar to a wolf.  They often have wolf-like markings on their fur, and their powerful bodies are built for strength – often you’ll see these dogs pulling sleighs across the snow in wolf country.  They are very friendly dogs that are friendly towards most people.  They also have an independent streak to their nature which can make them difficult to train, but will remind you of their wilder cousin, the wolf.
  2. Samoyed – the Samoyed is a gorgeous all white dog bred for reindeer herding!  They have a fluffy curled tail like the Alaskan Malamute, and are happy good-natured dogs. Although their coloring is not similar to a wolf, their facial features will instantly bring to mind their wolf cousins.
  3.  Utonagan – The name for Utonagan actually originates from an old Indian tale that means “Spirit of the Wolf“.  The Utonagan in fact is intentionally meant to look very very similar to a wolf! Like wolves, they also have a strong pack mentality and are very intelligent.  Unlike wolves however, they love to be in the presence of their “people” and make excellent pets.
  4. Tamaskan Dog – The Tamaskan Dog is a rare dog breed that has been bred to look like a wolf – in fact, Tamaskans have even been used in music videos to play the part of wolves!  They are very wolf-like in appearance, however make great pets for anyone with a large yard to allow them freedom to run, and patience to train them (they can be a bit stubborn).  Tamaskans are often used for sled racing.
  5. Northern Inuit Dog – The Northern Inuit Dog is another dog that was bred to resemble the wolf, and is essentially a cross of the Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Inuit breeds.  They are extremely smart dogs that can be stubborn to train.  Physically, they are stunning, and many have the markings of the wolf, and a very wolf-like face.
  6. Canadian Eskimo Dog – The Canadian Eskimo Dog was noted by explorers in the early 1800s to resemble the wolf.  In fact, it is true! If you see a pakc of these dogs otuside, they are stunning, and very closely resemble wolves.  Their coats are thick adn they have a powerful build meant for work.  These dogs are said to be brave, intelligent and loyal companions.
  7. Siberian Husky – The Siberian Husky is one of the more popular dogs on this list, and you’ll find many in your area available for adoption.  They are stunning dogs with beautiful wolf-like markings on their faces.  Their eyes are typically pale blue (although they can be brown, green, or amber as well), their coat is thick with a dense undercoat meant to withstand cold winters, and their tails curl when excited.  Their behavior is very similar to that of wolves – they are known for their distinctive howls, and their love for the outdoors.


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