It is no longer fiction – the werewolf cat exists, and it is a new cat breed that you will soon be able to adopt yourself!  Perfect pet for the werewolf ?

The actual name of this new breed is Lykoi, however due to its very unique look, it has been nicknamed “Werewolf Cat” – because it resembles a werewolf.  American breeders began the breed in 2010, and at present there are only 7 breeders in the world.  The cat is said to be a natural mutation of a domestic shorthair cat. So that the breed has a chance to become well established, they are saying that it will be another two to three years before the cats are made available to the public for adoption.  If you are still in doubt as to if the cat is actually real – doubt no more – in 2012 the werewolf cat (aka  Lykoi) became an officially recognized breed by the International Cat Association (TICA).

What does the Lykoi / Werewolf Cat look like?

The lykoi  have grey/black fur and are partially hairless.  They have hairless patches around their body, and specifically they are primarily hairless around their facial features (ears, mouth, eyes, and nose).  The overall appearance of the cat is quite shocking – some might say it looks like it has a case of mange – others might say it looks scary – and almost all would say it resembles a werewolf – especially if you catch sight of it at night!

What is the personality of the Lykoi / Werewolf Cat?

The Lykoi are said to have personalities quite unlike the typical cat – in fact, their personalities are said to be more similar to that of a dog than that of a cat! Yes, this cat actually has the personality of a dog! They are said to be as loyal as a dog and very friendly with those that they know (although it is said they are initially cautious towards strangers). They also like to hunt, and those who are familiar with them say that they are very like the hound dog in that regard.  They are not very vocal, but rather they are quiet cats.

When can I adopt a werewolf cat!?

Sorry everyone, they will not be available for 2 – 3 more years as the breeders firmly establish the breed!

Check out the first Lykoi kitten here: