Alice Cooper becomes Vampire

What if a rock n roll band was made up of vampires? Could they be famous and successful? A new vampire horror-comedy movie – Suck – is about just that. And, to make it more interesting, one of the vampires is played by none other than rock star Alice Cooper. The movie Suck is a Canadian movie that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and made it’s US premiere this past March. Rumor has it it will be coming to DVD soon.

The idea about vampires in Rock N Roll is not necessarily a new one – it was proposed most famously by Anne Rice in the novel The Vampire Lestat where Lestat is the lead rock star in a famous band, using his vampire persona to propel himself to fame. Let’s see what take Suck puts on the idea. The preview actually makes the movie look pretty funny…and pretty good.

Suck Movie Trailer



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