Alleged real werewolf footage from 1942 Germany

The werewolf video you’re about to watch is entirely in German and shows alleged German soldiers in 1942 surrounding the dead body of what is being called a werewolf. The werewolf footage itself starts at minute 3:14 in the video if you want to skip ahead.

The heart of the video starts by showing a body lying on the ground – it appears to be a corpse of either an animal or a human. The camera zooms into the legs, and then pans up to show the full body. The body appears to be not quite human, however the lighting is very bad and washes out the video, so upon first viewing it is difficult to tell exactly what you are seeing and whether or not it is a werewolf.

A second shot of the alleged werewolf’s body brings the body’s face into clearer detail, and you can see what appears to be a wolf-like face with a snout and fangs. Human hair appears to still be attached to the head. The body itself is naked, hairless, and elongated. The body does not resemble a human, nor does it resemble a true wolf.

Whether or not the werewolf video is real is up for debate – many viewers claim that it can be identified as a fake by the inaccuracies in the dress of the time period that is being depicted. Others claim that the video would be accurate for the time period.

So, is this a real video of a werewolf corpse? You decide.

Watch the video:



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  1. mike says:

    Next time, make an “archival’ film with more attention to military detail; then you MIGHT have a winner

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