Am I a werewolf?

Many of you may ask yourselves, “are werewolves real?”  and if they are, “how do I know if I am a werewolf?”  “Is there an easy way to tell?”  Unfortunately, there are no easy answer to these questions, because noone has come forward and submitted themselves to scientific investigation, the world will always wonder if werewolves are really real. And the truth is no werewolf will ever submit himself to scientists – he/she would be a life-long prisoner!! But let me just tell you – almost every culture talks about werewolves…if werewolves did not exist, why would everyone know about them?But, onto the better question – Am I a werewolf? How do you know if you are a werewolf? Well, there is no real way to know. Some of our readers say that when you transform you remember that you became a werewolf. Some say this is the best way to tell. The truth is though, while some may remember the transformation, for many werewolves, once they have become human again, they do not remember being a werewolf at all. Some say that an aversion to silver indicates you may be a werewolf. The truth though is that silver does not really bother a werewolf in human form. Some say that the only real way to tell if you’re a werewolf is to have someone watch you during a full moon and see if you transform. The problem here is that some older werewolves can transform when they want to. All werewolves don’t tranform during the full moon. The other problem here is that if you do transform and someone is watching you, you may never know the answer to the question “Am i a werewolf” because your friend will not survive. Werewolves are not friendly after all.What does all this mean? That if you don’t know if you’re a werewolf, there is no 100% for sure way to tell. There are some things that might help though, like a werewolf quiz which will give you an idea if you might be a werewolf. But that’s not fool-proof either.



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4,934 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    @night wolf: After putting up with some of the things I see on here, I think I can handle you 😀
    It’s what I’m here for, when I’m not crushing dreams anyway.

  2. night wolf says:

    @lycanhope: thank you for teaching me. also i’ve been looking at some stuff on this site and i really cant blame you. but you got to rember what socity and what other cites put you really cant blame them for thinking some of the stuff they do. though it is anoiying that you have to put the samething like 100 times because no one knows. just know i’ll help you with that now

  3. william says:

    @night wolf: do you think there are any werewolves where I am?(I live in NYC)I mean there are no forest here, but there is a huge park here. Anyways what do you think?

  4. night wolf says:

    @william: ooo nyc is more of a vamp place but i wouldnt dought some weres are there to i mean i live in idaho so there should be weres here but even here its hard to tell. but i wouldnt dought it. and is the pizza really big over there or is that just a myth

  5. william says:

    @night wolf: lol I don’t know, I mean I’ve leave here for a very long time so the pizza seems normal to me. But compared to other pizzas like dominos and papa Jones it is pretty big.

  6. rachel says:

    i dont really know if i am a warewolf because when i was running at school i was running like 50 miles per hour ive been wondering ever since

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @rachel: I think you’ve miscalculated, considering the world record is 23.7 miles per hour.

  8. Lycanhope says:

    @Mary: Hi

  9. Alex Jordan says:

    you are all idiots. A true Lycan would never come onto some stupid site like this and reveal themselves no matter what. And those damn fleas (Vampires) wouldn’t either.

  10. ILiekPizza says:

    @Alex Jordan:

    You are even more of an idiot if you don’t work on the things you need, like socializing. They need an identity as much as everything else and the only way they can get it without any harmful criticism is through the internet.

    Mental health is just as important physical health but many werewolves can’t because it could ultimately endanger them. I don’t think you know how nerve-wracking it is to not be yourself.

  11. nightwolf says:

    @alex jordan: simple logic if you state something that alot of fakes state whether your telling the truth or not alot of people are going to believe you unless its someone looking to do harm then that person is just going to think your following the crowd….so why wouldnt a real werewolf say he or she is the real deal on a site filled with fakes,roll players, and other real werewolfs

  12. Alex Jordan says:

    Still there are Lycan-hunters out there that will even check these sites.

  13. Lumina Nightshade says:

    Leave Alex alone guys. He has a good point.

  14. Lumina Nightshade says:

    Dont bother him.

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @Lumina Nightshade: Since when does someone spouting nonsense about how people are trying to capture you and kill you/experiment on you have a good point?
    Last I heard, people like that were called conspiracy theorists.

  16. Monty says:

    Well wolfs and smells really nasty to me and I have wolfs eyes and silver gives me allergic reaction like itchyness

  17. Monty says:


  18. Monty says:

    I’m always out a night and always when there is. Fullmoon I’m so energetic and stuff I always hungry and stuff my teeth and my body are in Pain feels like something is in my mouth

  19. Monty says:

    I always black out and stuff my hair and face is always is covered with dirt when THERE is a fullmoon no joke ask my mom I’m a girl and I’m 16 my mom said I was borne in a fullmoon

  20. Mary says:


  21. Lycanhope says:

    ^ This.

  22. Wolfface says:

    There are also breeds called dreamwalkers.they seem to be asleep but they are truly awake inside a wolf’s body…!!!

  23. Wolfface says:

    Werewolves can also be dream-walkers. Who seem to be asleep in their human body but are running with the pack in the wild.but they are truly dreamwalkers.
    Humans seem to be certain they look like man-beasts. But they look like WOLVES!!!!

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