Apotropes ward off evil

An Apotrope is an object that can “ward off evil“.  Common apotropes include amulets and talismans.  Apotropes are most commonly associated with vampires – for example garlic, holy water, and a cross are common ones that are said to ward off vampires.  Other apotropes which at one time or another have been said to ward off vampires include a branch from a wild rose, a rosary, mustard seeds, and salt.

The term apotrope is most often brought up with reference to vampires, because  throughout the centuries vampires have been regarded as very evil beings, while werewolves much less so.  That is not to say that humans havent identified apotropes for werewolves, they have.   The main one being silver.  Even at that however the debate on the effects of silver on werewolves rages on.



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