Are humans reincarnated as wolves werewolves?

Among those who believe in reincarnation, there are stories of humans reincarnated as wolves. For some reason, these types of reincarnations (because they involve both humans and wolves) sometimes result in the wolf being called a werewolf. But should they be?

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a religious belief that when a person dies, their soul will come back in the form of another living being. While there were many early cultures that believed in reincarnation, the belief still exists, and is prevalent primarily among various Indian tribes, as well as those who study some of the less main stream religions such as Kabbalah.

Are these reincarnations werewolves?
A human soul that comes back to inhabit the body of a wolf, does not technically meet the definition of a werewolf. Traditionally, one of the key characteristics of a werewolf is that he or she transforms or shifts. In cases where the werewolf does not physically shift, they mentally shift.

Another key characteristic of a werewolf is that they are human at least at some point. In the case of the aforementioned reincarnated human – they are simply wolves – never human.  There is no manner of transformation, but rather their soul has permanently left the human form and is now wolf.  In many cases not only do they do not remember their human life at all, they do not think, act, or behave even remotely human…they are essentially the animal they are reincarnated as. This is not to say that it’s impossible for wolves to become humans (there is some lore to suggest it can occur), simply that it is rather unlikely.

For these reasons..primarily the lack of humanity which is generally inherent at some point for the werewolf…it does not appear correct to call a reincarnated human a werewolf.  Although it is easy to see why some get confused and do call them werewolves.



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3 Responses

  1. Alikke says:

    … stupid! A human who think it is a werewolf can be a werewolf… just because humans mind are more powerful than anything. If they don’t become a werewolf with body… then they are werewolf with mind and soul. Humans can anything. Look around you will see why they can anything.

  2. Wolfboy96 says:

    Hey Alikke u a werewolf?

  3. pepole juge who u are now in days we are all wolfs we all have the wolf soul inside us we just need to find it so stop leaving bad comments its stupid we are all wolfs we all have our own way so…lets put it this way u go your way and we go ours if u hate wolfs then deal wiyth is pepole every were i look i see bad comments on cool things if u dont like it then dont watch it ok every body was bron diffrint<

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