are werewolves difficult to get along with?

Another common question, are werewolves difficult to get along with?”

This also dependent on many other factors; age, territory, climate, and lifestyle. It is common for vampires to say that they are less of a destructive race, having feelings and emotions that “supposedly” they claim werewolves do not have. But vampires would never let the werewolves have the honor of being a better race, therefore they have to constantly demean all lycans. Most vampires will tell you that they are the “elite,” that werewolves are nothing more than ferocious animals. This is not true, no matter how many vampires claim to be better they know deep down that they are afraid that werewolves will finally transcend into the spotlight of the surreal world. Having many advantages over the vampire including being able to appear in the direct sun light. Werewolves can go where no vampire has gone before, and that is into the human race with; control, strength, heart, and a desire to be more human than vampires ever want to be.

Werewolves are not hard to get along with, they have a very bright future together with humans. But the werewolf does need time alone, time to sort things out, to decide and express feelings that might harm humans. Werewolves need this time to discover who they really are, without forgetting what they are.



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  1. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    hey, justin is a dog! No funny! lol jk jk. Hey hachina (i like tht name better, lol) umm i cant go on aim, but i am on here, for now. lol.

  2. Yasmin says:

    Hi guys

  3. ……..the tides of war will change in the realms which cannot be seen.

  4. Yasmin says:

    Sabrewind hi,what u up 2

  5. Yasmin says:

    Jeff my msn doesnt work any mre so if u wnt to sent something pleas use jane s msn.hers is [email protected].

  6. Vulkan says:

    where are you brother… i need to learn… to learn to focus my mind… empty it of all thoughts so that i may see past the fog

  7. Yasmin says:

    Hey vulkan

  8. Many apologies Brother, time has had me worn out.

  9. Those who are to become, the trials will begin soon


  10. Logan says:

    The energy vampires are trying to build a sun proof dome over my city…

    They already took the forest….

    Those Vamps are evil…

  11. vamp/were lover says:

    hey im human, i think, but what is up with all of this?

  12. me says:

    eheh im a cat lover but wolves interest me.

  13. Kasey says:

    AHH!! damned vampires! Always saying their better!! how can they?? THEIR THE BLOOD SUCKERS

  14. Blackfang, the Wolf of the Night says:

    Just like normal wolves, werewolves can look after themselves. Once while I was prowling my territory, another werewolf came by, just passing through. I don’t regret what I did to him, but u can say the funeral was a closed casket

  15. Lycanhope says:

    Ok, it wasn’t just coincidence, people think the more violent they are the more popular they’ll be, Blackfang’s post proves my point. As to the topic, I consider myself easy to get along with, albeit a little antisocial. Werewolves in general are about the same, though we get odd looks when we do something weird (this is speculation, I don’t speak for the entire community).

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