are werewolves faster than vampires?

Werewolves. Vampires.

Answer this question:

Who is faster?   The Werewolf or Vampire?

Is a Werewolf faster than a vampire? or Is a Vampire faster than a Werewolf?

(Find out how werewolves move)

Answer who you think is faster, who has the most speed, and tell us why you think the one you choose is faster than the other. One has to be faster than the other, who will it be? The Vampire or the Werewolf?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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166 Responses

  1. Lee Ann says:

    alright 🙂 Ontario please and if you have an email we’ll arrange further. I’d prefer not to post my city online

  2. Lycanhope says:

    1) @Lee ann: Don’t bait the idiot.
    2) Actually, both Black Caliber and spiked wolf are wrong about the eason why there’s no proof. As far as I know there’s no rule that says you can’t show anyone, the fact is that noone’s been able to. Either shifting’s possible or impossible (I’m straddling the line between the two at the moment) but lets so that it’s possible. it would require a large amount of concentration to shift, and would you really be able to conentrate if someone was watching? It would be like playing in an orchestra naked in a full theatre, you’d mess up big time. The fact that there is no proof leads alot of people to believe it’s impossible, and something came up in a pack I frequent that’s starting to male me think it is too. If we can physically shift, where’s the fur? Anyone with a pet knows that animals shed a hell of a lot of fur, so where is it? Even one clump would be proof, but none has been supplied. Curious…

  3. Black Calibur says:

    Bite the idiot? Lol. Seems to me that you “vamps” & “wolves” think yourselves to be the best, and yet for immortals know very little about the secret world. Of all the supernaturals I’ve met only 2 have defeated me; a witch & a demon. Which are much stronger than you. If you attack me I will kill you. If you run, I will have fun testing your limits. Dont make threats if your not sure you can keep them.

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Black Caliber: I knew there was something familliar about your story! Kelley Armstrong, that teenage series I can’t remember the name of: genetic experiments to boost supernatural power. The way you call vamps, wolves, etc… supernaturals is exactly the same as her writing style because you’re grouping them under one name, I don’t believe in coincidenes.
    As to your actual comments: secret world? Melodramatic and inaccurate, we aren’t exactly hiding, you people are just looking in the wrong places.
    Witches? As far as I know that’s just what everyone call Wiccans, and they don’t live up to the “curse you for eternity” portrait he media has painted.
    Your own story, “genetic experimnt”? I’m calling bs, we’re nowhere near that level of control to perform real-time genetic manipulation, it would have leaked out by now no matter how much the government tried to supress it.
    Your reading skills, I said “bait” not bite. As in “you are an idiot with too much time on your hands so if we ignore you you will get bored, so don’t play along”.
    Finally, immortal? I wish, that is utter rubbish and if you seriously believe that you need to recheck your sources.

  5. Lee Ann says:

    @Black Caliber you said you would come visit me I havent seen you all day 🙁

  6. Black Calibur says:

    I’ve had trouble. I ran into a power house, or atleast thats what they call it. This was my first encounter with it. Will be there soon, just need repairs.

  7. Black Calibur says:

    @lycanhope. You say you’re not hiding. Yet you’re only recodnised as folklore. I’ve never met any werewolf or vampire that had real credibility to be what they say they are. Its usualy humans who have a liking for blood and cant run faster than a dog. As far as the witches go, try Africa not that Wiccan mumbo jumbo. Honestly you lack judgement, “if genetics was real you would have heard something of it?”. Same way people have heard of your kind and the vampire kind, you’ve heard of my kind but failed to eknowledge our existance. Because you still think its too far ahead our time, your ingorance is mighty. I dont pretend to know or understand your kind, but you are doing them no favours by opening your mouth.

  8. Lycanhope says:

    @Black Caliber: “Werewolves” are considered folklore, shifters are perfectly recognised all over the world, I just say werewolves to avoid confusing people who don’t kow that. If you’d bothered to check, when I’m talking with people who actually know anything (lee ann, therian, etc…) I say “shifters” or “therian”.
    Also, now you eem to be changing/forgetting your original story. Before you called yourself a “genetic experiment”, and now you refer to “our kind” like you’re a different species.
    To further shed light on your readin skills, I said “real-time genetics”, not “real genetics”. As in the modification of your genetic code to cause immediate/rapid changes. If you are an experimnt as you claim, this would indicate that a) the government has secretly developed the means to do this without anyone knowing (unlikely) or b) you were genetically modified before birth (also unlikely).
    As to your comment about witches, I will look into that, I don’t know nor claim to know bugger all about witches or vampires, hence my words “as far as I know”, but based on your thoughts on the immortality of vampires I pressumed you didn’t either.

  9. Lee Ann says:

    @Black Calibur I hope you can get here soon :/ I bought these super cool new boots and they smell like new car and I think you should come see my show this week if your in town!

  10. We’ll I’m A Werewolf and I rip vamp head off all the time. I slay those pussies.

  11. Lee Ann says:

    Come at me bro

  12. werewolf says:

    i think they are fast but vampires ar faster but werewolfs do have strong teeth but they are warm but vampires are faster and the live forever

  13. Savannah Wheeler says:

    what do you mean that werewolves are faster and stronger than vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Savannah Wheeler says:

    I vote for vampires because of there abilitys and that they are so cute

  15. Tia says:

    @Savannah Wheeler: How can vampires be cute? I think werwolves are more cute then vampires. 🙂

  16. Savannah Wheeler says:

    you rock lee ann

  17. Savannah Wheeler says:

    well you got a point but they smell like a smelly human and the reason i say that vampires are cute is that: EDWARD

  18. Savannah Wheeler says:

    You got a point there but i think that vampires are cut because of edward

  19. Savannah Wheeler says:

    Edward is the reason

  20. Savannah Wheeler says:

    i am awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Savannah Wheeler says:

    vampires are better, the werewolves have been waiting for to bite a vampires head off.

  22. S'bu G says:

    Lmfao. What a load of bull. I mean when I joined this site I thought it would be funny, but now its just sad. Wishing you were something aint gonna make you one. Guys if you’re truely bored try searching through history books and the bible, and maybe you lonely hearts will realise that there are more important things going on. Try the book of Daniel and Revelations, then look around you, the profecies are coming true, but you’re too blind to see it because of a stupid fantasy. Wake up! The devil isn’t your friend, and you’re not whores, stop selling yourselves to him my brothers and sisters. Our Father calls us back to Him. Return to Jehova.

  23. ShadowStalker says:

    Edward is not a vampire! For one, vampires don’t sparkle when in the sun. I know this because I am a real vampire. I am able to go out in the sun. Edward is a damn fairy. No real vampire sparkles. Vampires are always faster. I have experience running away from packs of wolves. I have made a treaty with a wolf pack, and I run to them for sanctuary from their kin.

  24. Shatto says:

    @Savannah Wheeler:

    You realize twilight is not real, it’s a movie based on a book based on someone’s imagination

  25. Shatto says:

    @Savannah Wheeler: Also all vampires are dead all the time, who wants to date a dead body, and vampires would be terrible in bed as male vampires wouldn’t be able to get an erection thanks to their blood being coagulated plus it would be limp and cold, how gross. Werewolves are only wolves half the time, otherwise they’re still human so it’s not bestiality if you don’t sleep with the wolf. Seriously learn some science and stop watching twilight.

    Fun fact: The first original vampires didn’t transform, run fast, have powers or even have sharp teeth.

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