Are werewolves susceptible to other viruses like the Coronavirus?

It is a global pandemic – a virus that is sweeping the world….and it almost feels like a zombie movie, but no it is real life. And it is the coronavirus.
The question has come up, are werewolves also susceptible to the coronavirus – or other viruses – for that matter?
The answer is: Yes.

Sincewerewolves coronavirus werewolves also have a human side and are often in human form, they are susceptible to many of the same viruses that humans are susceptible to – and that includes the coronavirus.

Ironically, one of the noted methods of becoming a werewolf is by infection from another werewolf, so most werewolves are already aware of how quickly and easily a contagion can spread.  In this regard, werewolves might have a jump start on the rest of the population – they are already aware of the dangers posed by contagions and many already have meticulous habits in their nature to prevent others from possibly becoming werewolves.  Also, working in werewolves favor, is that  werewolves often like to be solitary, and this also has helped in controlling the spread of the virus amongst werewolves.  Because many do not like to be in groups and often live in rural areas, or prefer to commune solitary with nature, their contact with other humans who may be infected with the coronavirus is not as much as a normal human.  In short: the werewolf “curse” as popular media likes to call it, is probably a blessing since werewolves have long been aware of viruses and taking  precautions!



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7 Responses

  1. Jak Crow says:

    No, they’re not

    • Lupe says:

      What makes werewolves not susceptible to viruses, such as the Coronavirus?

    • Lonewolf000 says:

      Yes they are, coronavirus is also a cross species virus. (Animal) wolves, dogs, and many other animals are susceptible to it along with humans, of course werewolves and any other animal shifters are too.

  2. Lupe says:

    Werewolves are like the doctors of the supernatural world XD

  3. EchoWolf77 says:

    Good to know, actually. I will be as careful as humans should be (I’m a werewolf lol)!

  4. Kaya Hale says:

    Can I become a werewolf if I was bitten by one then the virus will go form person to person that is my guess?

  5. love says:

    @ Kaya Hale : umm, I would say no to that

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