Are you a werewolf and you don’t know it?

Werewolf 967,

So you are saying that once a werewolf converts back to human form he has no memory of what he did as a werewolf. So, does he even know that he’s a werewolf? Is it possible for someone to be a werewolf and not even know it?

And if it is possible to be a werewolf and not know it, is there some kind of a werewolf quiz that you can take to help you figure out if you are a werewolf or not?



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220 Responses

  1. Alright -.- Researcha, just recently, science has PROVEN that everything (i am speaking for myself and my friends i live near only) we pagans have believe for thousands of years, is true. So take your “research-a” and actually do some. I’m starting to believe your the one sick in the head. Hell, probably dying and just trying to get a few good kicks out of life before it slaps you in the face. who honestly knows. You have a few good points, but the only ones that are good, are about the wannabe twilight lovers. Hollywood has comlpetely skewed the true meanig of being a wolf or a vampire, or any other kind of were creature.

    Revalation To Non Believers: WE WORK WITH ENERGY!!!

    Think about this for a second. Energy does what? Makes things happen, makes the Earth turn, gives off heat, makes an engine run, gives us breathe. If it werent for energy, there would be nothing. Energy is directly related to Wolves and Vampires.

    As for you Myrna, click my name join my site then, go to contact us, email me, and i cna help you, be sure to state exactly who you are.

  2. pklett92 says:

    I thought it was pretty funny… but your right Ill just leave it at the end of longer posts from now on…please dont diss my signature, I loved the movie zombie land. I’m just going to ignore you calling me a noob, and believe it or not I really dont care if Rayne f_ucks you up now. As a matter a fact I’ll also use my influence to make people hate you more when they are talking shit about yea.

    You are shiat I am not

    Dark blessings

  3. pklett92 says:

    you know I can pretend to be moved by the fact that you want to help all the people in poverty in this world or whatever, but now that you come off as rude and insolent Im not even going to lie. Not everyone loves you as much as you think girl. Sooner you realize it the better. I guess your just another leon to me now unless your ready to apologise or something.

  4. Värlôc says:

    People of insolence must be paid no mind whatsoever. Idk the beef between you and lee ann, and I would say grill it up and eat it, but signatures are personal. BTW, Zombieland was the sh*t!!!!

  5. pklett92 says:

    yeah man, true that…me and lee made up already. Things are back to normal.

  6. lee ann says:

    tis true

  7. Re-searcha says:

    Energy? Zorath? Okay I’m going to clear this all up. What will follow are three points, the last one been the strongest, and I hope you all will be able to follow, though I’m sure you will find it hard to, but here goes. You are not werewolves. You are human beings. The thing about energy Zorath? That’s like me saying I can turn into a bird because I’m connected to energy? Virtually I can come up with anything, and use the energy explanation to validate whatever I do come up with, and you won’t be able to dispute me however ridiculous my claims? (shrugs shoulders) And I think it was one of you that said it’s a belief system and who am I to go against another person’s belief, I can’t remember who said this, but you all are very alike so any of you would do. I’m not going against any religion, people believe in Jesus through faith, religion is based on faith, what you people are talking about isn’t faith, it’s CLAIMS!!! I can have faith that the Yankees will win the world series, but I’m not going to say on the night of the final game I’m going to teleport onto the field and bedazzle the players, then not even do it. That has nothing to do with faith, that’s just telling stories, that obviously can’t be backed up. lol (I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE I’M TAKING THE TIME TO EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU, AS IF YOU HAVE GROUNDS TO STAND ON WITH THIS TOPIC, BUT IT’S AMUSING ME SO I GUESS I’LL PLAY ALONG)
    That was my first point, the one about me teleporting to a Yankees game and possessing one of the players.
    My second point is why a werewolf, I mean you say you are not the Hollywood werewolf archetype but you are werewolves nonetheless. Now even before the 18th century people have been talking about werewolves, as in an evil man who turns into a wolf at night and commits terrible crimes. Whether or not it is true is not my argument, what I want to bring forward is that these people called them werewolves, and they said they looked like wolves, with fur and fangs and whatever. Now this been said this means that you all who say you are werewolves must be able to turn into something that has fur and fangs, and basically looks like a wolf, whether standing or on all fours, whether like the movie version or a typical timberwolf, you must look like a creature, not a human, but a creature. Some of you are now coming up with defensive explanations and saying you aren’t the conventional werewolves on tv. However the ones on tv can be like the wolfman or can be your regular zoo wolf, so I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say this, hahaha lol. Whether it’s the THRILLER version or the one’s you find in the woods, if you don’t look like neither you are not a werewolf.
    Now for my final point. If you are really werewolves or vampires, why, oh why, oh heavens whyyyyy are you getting offended that I don’t believe you. lol. It’s like me getting offended that you lot don’t believe i’m a guy, it’s pointless, if you are a werewolf and you have being one ever since why are you online getting upset about me not believing you?

  8. The point of getting offended is that you come on here tostart trouble and thats it, you have no point here. We have free thought, and free will, and free belief. If you dont agree, wtfe, idc. If you think we need help, more power to you. But dont repeatedly come to a place of safety for us, and insult us. We havent done anything to you. Why continue to insult us?

  9. Re-searcha says:

    All i want is the truth. If you are a werewolf, tell me what exactly you mean by it, and i will not bother you people again. Tell me and I will take whatever you say as what you believe in, but if you don’t tell me how can I just take your word that you are a werewolf? you can’t tell a child not to do something just because. You have to explain why or else he’s gonna do it. It’s insulting not to explain yourself.

  10. I have given you the truth before, but you blatantly ignore me. Energy and spirit. I cannot speak for ALL of the otherkin here but i can speak for many. We believe that there are more than one plain of existance. The most popular two are physical and spiritual. Spiritual is where all this takes place. The one’s here who claim to have physically shifted, well most of them, are crying out for attention hoping to fit in somewhere. BUT we do believe that theres a point in time coming soon enough, where these two plains will meet. Thus enabling these ‘myths’ to be real. The spirit melding with the physical.
    I suggest you reasearch some pagan beliefs, it will help you understand most of our beliefs and maybe it will tell you why we stand our ground so much when confronted.

  11. if you shoot this explanation down then i cannot help you understand, i have given you the information i can for you to get where we are coming from, whether or not you believe or respect the fact that everyone has their own beliefs is up to you. But if you do not stop calling all of us sick in the head and telling us we need help, i will come to Toronto Amanda, i will find you. And you wont like the outcome. Because you ahve no right to sit here and call us out like that.

  12. the thing is about the term werewolf. It means man-wolf. I cannot physically shift. therefore i am a wolven, a man with a wolf spirit, and until the day comes that i can physically shift, i am simply a wolven.

  13. Lunar says:

    @Zorath Wolf:
    well said. I like your points. kudos.

  14. Hey can someone tell me are you serious about being werewolves or are you just faking it?

  15. could someone tell me if I’m a werewolf?

  16. Zachariah says:

    Well I’m a werewolf and this is my first time telling people…and yes I transform and ill tell you a little bit about my kinde the we don’t need the full moon to transform we have episodes that’s when we transform…and its usraly ones a month but we can shift if we get angry as well. It’s from the edrinalin.

    • necroposter says:

      I shift whenever I want so with me it has nothing to with episodes or anger. But we’re all different so yeah.

  17. Lycanhope says:

    @Zacharia: Adrenaline you mean. And though strong emotions can and do force m-shifts, I’m not sure about p-shifts. Possibly when you’re good enough that could happen.

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