Are you a werewolf and you don’t know it?

Werewolf 967,

So you are saying that once a werewolf converts back to human form he has no memory of what he did as a werewolf. So, does he even know that he’s a werewolf? Is it possible for someone to be a werewolf and not even know it?

And if it is possible to be a werewolf and not know it, is there some kind of a werewolf quiz that you can take to help you figure out if you are a werewolf or not?



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220 Responses

  1. Psion says:

    I don’t like saying i am old, it sometimes makes people angry with me and say “how can you be that old”, so i stop talking. I just wanted to know if i was a lycanthrope.

  2. lee ann says:

    but is that your physical age or your souls age

  3. Suki says:

    where the F_uck is sabre when u nead him

  4. Psion says:

    It’s my soul’s age (well actually my soul is A LOT older than 2,000 years). My physical age is 23.

  5. lee ann says:

    hmmm. Suki why do you need Sabre he is preparing for the ritual maybe I can help you.

  6. Psion says:

    Hi there Suki, nice to meet you. 🙂

  7. Suki says:

    i dont nead him ok i gust wanted to say F_uck in a sentence

  8. Suki says:

    hi Psion nice to meat u to

  9. lee ann says:

    its spelled meet. pfft

  10. Suki says:

    oh well lee ann i gust got done eating

  11. Psion says:

    Do you 2, like me, have canine teeth bigger than average? (It’s a bit of a random question i know, but…)

  12. lee ann says:

    just suki its spelled just.

  13. lee ann says:

    psion, Im not a were Im a vampire so I have fangs which are sharper than average. Well at least they used to be up until a few days ago thanks to Onis buddies.

  14. Suki says:

    ok for 1 im a kitsune (were-fox) 2 i find that ofencive
    3 i hate dogs lol

  15. DARK WOLF says:

    suki is gonna die now

  16. lee ann says:

    hes entitled to his own opinion just as we all are.

  17. Suki says:

    r u going 2 answer me?

  18. Suki says:

    com on jackA_ss give me a answer

  19. Surla says:

    You said that you hate dogs. I find that partially offensive since I’m a hybrid, but otherwise, hate what you want to hate. We’ll rip your face off.

  20. lee ann says:

    no hes to chicken lol. Like watch this Im entitled to my own opinion also. Like I could say werewolves are dumber than a rock and no one would care.

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