Are you a werewolf and you don’t know it?

Werewolf 967,

So you are saying that once a werewolf converts back to human form he has no memory of what he did as a werewolf. So, does he even know that he’s a werewolf? Is it possible for someone to be a werewolf and not even know it?

And if it is possible to be a werewolf and not know it, is there some kind of a werewolf quiz that you can take to help you figure out if you are a werewolf or not?



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220 Responses

  1. tanwerewolf24 says:

    researcha, i agree with lee ann. u tell us to get a life when all you do is read our comments(when u appparently dont believe in werewolves) and make negative comments. i think you need to take your own advice and get a life

  2. pklett92 says:

    Hey Re-searcha whats kickin? Why are you here man? Trying to help us maybe trying to convert us? [edited], and for you to try and convince us that what we have been growing up with is a lie, well its pretty insulting. Everyone here on this site continue to visit by their own free will. Religion is very real, and faith is real as well. If people choose to believe that there is a beast within themselves then who are you to say that there is not? Who are you to question what others think? Who made you superior?

  3. Lee i believe it is time to settle our differences, I see we have a common ground and that is to get rid of Re-searcha. I think this could be interesting. I’m tired of fighting, I am tired of enemies. All i want is peace and serenity, which i know are hard to find these days.

  4. well i agree as well we can report for harassment but they may make him come back for more

  5. lee ann says:

    Don’t report him. Reporting’s for weaklings and cowards. Got a problem deal with it yourself. And Rayne, I’ll consider it.

  6. pklett92 says:

    Its great to see that you both are settling your differences now. It is true now it seems that we should settle all our differences, so that we can start over. Idk Rayne you may still have a bone to pick with the wolf who posted half a page of dribble about your apparent short comings, but that is for a latter time. You wanting to make some good peace with your old friends just shows that you are the more mature one.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  7. Myrna H. says:

    I am SO CONFUSED………

    I don’t know if I am a werewolf, but I have a pet(well, more like a brother) wolf (get this: my parents don’t know) and we can comunicate telepathically. I SWEAR I am telling the truth……….please believe me. not alot of people do………

    Can u help?

    -Myrna H.

  8. Re-searcha says:

    Myrna H. if you can read this go to a doctor immediately. You are not a werewolf; You are just schizophrenic.

  9. Re-searcha says:

    DO you see what i mean? I mean come on, do you want a person like Myrna H. next you your kids when she talks about talking telepathetically to a rabid animal, and how she CLAIMS TO BE able to change to this animal.

  10. Re-searcha says:

    In addition to that, if you guys think you are “WEREWOLVES” what’s next..hmmmmm? I mean tell me on a reasonable standpoint what that means, because if you are a werewolf then you act like a werewolf, and what do werewolves do? no tell me, what do werewolves do? THEY KILL PEOPLE. Soon you guys are gonna start believing you can get away with killing your boss, your neighbour, or heaven forbid your parents, and use the excuse of being a werewolf. Do you see my logic now?

  11. Re-searcha says:

    If you guys think you are “WEREWOLVES” what’s next…hmmmmm? I mean tell me on a reasonalbe standpoint what that means, because if you are werewolves then you must act like werewolves, and what do werewolves do? no tell me, what do were wolves do? THEY k-i-ll people. Soon you are going to start believing you can get away with k-i-ll-ing your boss, your neighbour, or heaven forbid your parents, and then use the excuse of being a werewolf. OH THE WEREWOLF DID IT NOT ME. Do you see my logic?

  12. Re-searcha says:

    And Lee Ann i’m not bashing anyone for believing they have an animal side to their nature, hell i have an animal side to my nature, we all do METARPHORICALLY. I bashing you all for saying you physically transmute into a hairy creature with fangs and claws. As in you people are saying you are werewolves. I don’t care what you think in your sick minds, but you are not, never have been, and never will be werewolves, IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS YOU STUPID CHILDREN.

  13. pklett92 says:

    O wow, man you should join the facebook for ILW there are native American people on there who are more than fifty years old. You obviously don’t know what your dealing with here. funny thing being that you could be dead if you continue with your dissing….considering that allot of those mature adults are heavy into witchcraft.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  14. Jenna Ann to the EFFING Miller says:

    soo Re-searcha
    1) if you dont believe and don’t take the time to hear others out why the **** are you even here?
    2) F*** you
    3) no one wants you here
    4) don’t try anyone because like you said they could get angry hack you, find you, and k*** you think up dipsh**
    5) get of the computer and study up 6th grade pre algrebra is a lot harder than 5th grade long division


  15. Jenna Ann to the EFFING Miller says:

    iz a good teller offer ^_^

  16. pklett92 says:

    we is a tag team against smelly guy…

    I shiat you not

    dark Blessings

  17. Jenna Ann to the EFFING Miller says:


  18. lee ann says:

    Yo Jenna! Why you jackin my Ann?!

  19. pklett92 says:

    its her middle name chill out more

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  20. lee ann says:

    whatever. I’m changing my f_ucking name than seeing as someone takes that f_ucking away too! g_ayasses

  21. pklett92 says:

    ahh Lee your angry i’ve never seen you this way before…

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  22. lee ann says:

    the shiat you not and dark blessings is really getting old.

  23. lee ann says:

    and Pk ur not a tag team you’re just a dude trying to get with a girl and completely failing at it fyonoob.

  24. Värlôc says:

    I actually had to tell Re-searcha off. She’s ignorant in making such blanket statements. Re-search, get some solid facts before you choose to mouth off and put ppl down.

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