Whether you are werewolf or not a poem can have a strong effect on the life of the author and of the reader. Some poems are written to vent frustrations, share feelings, discover feelings, or relate to the world, among many other reasons…

Poems are a beautiful art that can help us get a better understanding of of the world we live in… please enjoy the poems below… Written by Buddy (an author of ILW), and Lee ann (reader of ILW).


Are you a Werewolf?

Are you a werewolf if all vampires hate you?
Are you a werewolf if wolfsbane makes you blue?

Are you a werewolf if you feel funny when the moon is full?
Are you a werewolf if animals fear you – even the bull?

Are you a werewolf if your nails are sharp and long?
Are you a werewolf if everything always goes wrong?

The answers to these questions are not always clear
Sometimes they’re not even what you want to hear.

However the one clear thing that you must know
as you have these feelings and the moon hangs low

Is that humans have never understood the werewolf in all of his-tor-y
so don’t expect them to love you, they’ll always think you’re plain scar-y

But do not worry, no, you are not alone
So there is no need to scowl, howl, or moan

Werewolves are awesome, and yes they are here
And it’s better than being a vampire any day of the year


Lee ann


The scars covering my body,
Inflicted by my own hand,
The cost of feeling something real.

And upon my depart no living thing will
Shed a tear of honesty,

But my body will soon decay,
Joining my brothers and sisters,

Harbouring the secret
Of the darkness
For all the world to see,

As the scream of my voice mixes
With my burning flesh,
As the fire finally
Is left in the burning flames,

You dont know what you had
Till its gone
For the child of darkness
Is god itself.

* A special Thanks to Lee ann for allowing us to share her poem with everyone.