Are you a werewolf?

Having one (or more than one) werewolf traits does not necessarily make you a werewolf. This is a common misbelief. For example, yes, werewolves like to howl – but so sometimes do humans! And yes, werewolves like full moons – but also, so sometimes do humans!!

Conversely, having no apparent sign of a “commonly” known werewolf trait does not necessarily not make you a werewolf. Like humans, werewolves are diverse – for example, a full moon can have a different/stronger effect on a werewolf depending on age and gender. Also, there are many legends and myths describing werewolves that have traits that we in present times do no necessarily attribute to fact, there is some belief that there are different “lines” or “species” of werewolves, making them even harder for humans to identify using the “standard” werewolf stereotype.

So, how then do you know if you are really a werewolf? 

To a human on the outside, it is a difficult task.  Yes, there are some techniques or clues that can help, but these are not foolproof…they are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time based on the aforementioned issues.

To someone that thinks that they themselves might be a werewolf, coming to a conclusion one way or another can sometimes be just as difficult! Yes, there are many that know they are werewolves right off the bat – they are the lucky ones.  Many others struggle for some part of their lives with the question on if they are indeed werewolves – they face hurdles such as not even believing in werewolves to begin with (how can you be something that you don’t even believe in?), not remembering anything they’ve done/seen as werewolves (this can be common, especially during first transformations), and not understanding what is happening to them (even if they display the classic “stereotypical” symptoms, they might not recognize them for what they are!).

So then what!?  Often, when a person doesn’t really know that they’re a werewolf, they might suspect or think that they are one.  Maybe they don’t outright think to themselves “I’m a werewolf!”, but they might feel “different”. People might tell them that they are “different”.  Those people then must take a closer look at what makes them feel “different” – make a list, identify the clues – what are your preferences in food, weather, thoughts, ideas? – be as specific as possible starting with basics – nothing is too small to overlook.  Once a list is made, review the list with an open mind and be willing to accept what you see.  Then, do the research, and learn.  Learn about who you truly are, and be proud of your differences.




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83 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    @Iamwolf42: It depends on the person. It’s not an everyone thing, but some people are.

  2. JakeGhostLord says:

    Full moon on the 19 😀

  3. Carrieda says:

    Hello I’m new and found this site looking for answers. I was wandering if i could just drop an email to someone with a lot of knowledge on this subject. Maybe i could use the email address from the ‘About Us- Contact’? Just wanted to get a go ahead before bombarding the site or the email address with questions.

  4. JakeGhostLord says:


  5. Wolfie says:


  6. Personally I don’t believe in werewolves but if you can proove them to me I’ll gladly give up on skepticism.

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @Lycan Lover: The mental aspects have been conclusively proven. The possibility of physical transformation hasn’t, but I have theories on its possibility if it exists.
    Trying to think of how something could happen is far more scientific than the opposite, a fact that the majority of Internet wannabe scientists and a sadly large amount of actual scientists have failed to grasp.

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