Are you a werewolf?

Having one (or more than one) werewolf traits does not necessarily make you a werewolf. This is a common misbelief. For example, yes, werewolves like to howl – but so sometimes do humans! And yes, werewolves like full moons – but also, so sometimes do humans!!

Conversely, having no apparent sign of a “commonly” known werewolf trait does not necessarily not make you a werewolf. Like humans, werewolves are diverse – for example, a full moon can have a different/stronger effect on a werewolf depending on age and gender. Also, there are many legends and myths describing werewolves that have traits that we in present times do no necessarily attribute to fact, there is some belief that there are different “lines” or “species” of werewolves, making them even harder for humans to identify using the “standard” werewolf stereotype.

So, how then do you know if you are really a werewolf? 

To a human on the outside, it is a difficult task.  Yes, there are some techniques or clues that can help, but these are not foolproof…they are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time based on the aforementioned issues.

To someone that thinks that they themselves might be a werewolf, coming to a conclusion one way or another can sometimes be just as difficult! Yes, there are many that know they are werewolves right off the bat – they are the lucky ones.  Many others struggle for some part of their lives with the question on if they are indeed werewolves – they face hurdles such as not even believing in werewolves to begin with (how can you be something that you don’t even believe in?), not remembering anything they’ve done/seen as werewolves (this can be common, especially during first transformations), and not understanding what is happening to them (even if they display the classic “stereotypical” symptoms, they might not recognize them for what they are!).

So then what!?  Often, when a person doesn’t really know that they’re a werewolf, they might suspect or think that they are one.  Maybe they don’t outright think to themselves “I’m a werewolf!”, but they might feel “different”. People might tell them that they are “different”.  Those people then must take a closer look at what makes them feel “different” – make a list, identify the clues – what are your preferences in food, weather, thoughts, ideas? – be as specific as possible starting with basics – nothing is too small to overlook.  Once a list is made, review the list with an open mind and be willing to accept what you see.  Then, do the research, and learn.  Learn about who you truly are, and be proud of your differences.




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83 Responses

  1. Soul Tepes says:

    @Lycanhope: Okay..then quite a few people here are trolls, no? I am sorry if I may seem in=gnorant on it, but I usually stay away from sites such as these.

  2. Lycanhope says:

    9/10, maybe more.

  3. Soul Tepes says:

    @Lycanhope: If you do not mind my question, how do your m-shifts usually start? I understand its different from person to person.

  4. Lycanhope says:

    They don’t really. When I want to, I can go into a trance state, but that’s all the active m-shifting I do. It mostly just blends in, so I don’t notice.
    I might be eating something, then I’ll start tearing into it without me realising till someone mentions it. I hear a noise and twitch an ear that isn’t there. Stuff like that.

  5. Soul Tepes says:

    @Lycanhope: Hmm…mine a a little different. I’ve learned that when Nick m-shifts, I unintentionally do. I occasionally black out from mine though. Nick’s are more similar to yours though.

  6. lycan says:

    When the pull of the moon is right and my blood is on fire coarsing through my body I feel and hear and smell everything my ears are poited and my teeh sharp and I dream of running and hunting in the woods.

    What does this mean?

  7. JakeGhostLord says:

    No werewolf would go around telling humans they are one humans are a cruel sort of creature they would do test cut them apart to see how they work they would hunt them and all sorta stuff like that , it wouldn’t be a nice thought of being hunted and threatened by everyone you meet.

  8. Gabriel says:

    @JakeGhostLord: I think you forgot to add the fact that most people refuse to openly admit believing in such creatures and therefore would not take someone making the werewolf claim seriously.

  9. Gabriel says:

    @lycan: It means you obviously want us to think your a werewolf, i’d compare those symptoms to something from the movies though.

  10. JakeGhostLord says:

    Is there a cure for lycanthropy? -not skyrim

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @lycan: It means you have an active imagination.

    @JakeGhostLord: The cure is not pursuing it in the first place. The changes to your mind are permanent.

  12. JakeGhostLord says:

    Oh ok but can you pass it on I’ve wanted to fully pass it to a friend I have no other werewolf friend to relate to I’m lonely 🙁
    -sorry if I’m asking too many questions

  13. Lycanhope says:

    @JakeGhostLord: Nope, it’s not a virus. You can’t spread it around. But you can always pop round here when you’re lonely.

  14. JakeGhostLord says:

    Oh ok 🙂

  15. JakeGhostLord says:

    Hey when you change is it normal just to be a wolf and not like the stereotype movies show?

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @JakeGhostLord: Yes, that’s normal and, in fact, certain.

  17. Can anyone tell me here, if you have any information on the therian or otherkin type and how they relate to werewolves, and maybe the theories around them?

  18. Gabriel says:

    @AngelMingan: I think a therian is a werewolf who cant shift… i’m probably wrong so i’d ask others.

  19. Such as a weak blooded werewolf? That phantom and mental, astral shift? Do most therians mate with werewolves, do they have mates?
    Thanks Gabriel.

  20. Gabriel says:

    @AngelMingan: Never heard of a weak blooded werewolf yet i hardly no specifics so… Well i know the phantom shift is thinking something is there when it isn’t such as a tail, teeth, etc. that it only a few steps before the actual shift. The mental is having the mindset of whatever creature, and the astral i assume is the spirit but not all were-creatures have them so idk about that too much. No point in calling it mating, it is what it is, and i’m sure it’s fine if a therian and a werewolf get together, i mean werewolves do it with humans and vice versa.

  21. Lycanhope says:

    Yay, a topic I know a lot about.

    Werewolves in history are based on two things, clinical lycanthropy and species dysphoria.
    Clinical lycanthropy is the absolute belief that you transform into a wolf, however in reality you don’t. This lead to a lot of cannibalism.
    Species dysphoria is the mental condition where your mind analyses and approaches situations thinking as a different species, similar to trans-gender but across species. The key difference between species dysphoria and clinical lycanthropy is that you know that you ARE human, but you think as if you weren’t.
    Therians are people who are species dysphoric and take a spiritual view to it, believing that they were wolves in a previous life or that they have a spirit wolf inside them, etc. All therians are species dysphoric, but not all species dysphoric are therians.
    Among therians there is a small minority that believe they can extend past only being able to shift mentally by focusing their minds on the task, to avoid confusion they usually refer to themselves as shifters.

    I use wolf in all these examples, but therians and people suffering from species dysphoria can be any animal essentially.

    Otherkin are like therians, but they identify with creatures that, to science at least, are not proven to exist yet. Examples being dragons, all kinds of fae, and (no offence to religious people) angels and demons.

  22. Thanks for the info guys, was just curious about the topic.

  23. JakeGhostLord says:

    Still can’t find anyone where I live to be a werewolf I gues I am alone here 🙁
    I got a question as well is it normal for your spine to really hurt after a transformation?

  24. Iamwolf42 says:

    Is it normal to be more aware at night when you are a werewolf?

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