Are you born or made a werewolf?

The question of HOW one becomes a werewolf was recently asked… become a werewolf are you born one? Or are you made one? The answer to this question is quite complex…but it boils down to simply – it can happen either way.


Some are indeed born into being werewolves from birth.  This was not something that they chose for themselves, nor something that they had the ability to reject.  They know of no other way of being because they were never 100% human.  These types of werewolves are becoming rarer and rarer…but still does happen.  The next question then is how or why does someone become a werewolf when they are born?  There are many theories, tales, myths, and legends about why this would occur at the moment of birth…some of these include:

1.  Genetics – There are some that believe that being a werewolf is something that is inherited and is passed down through the generations…there is something in the genes that causes this to occur.  How this works, and whether every family member is affected is inconclusive – some say that it can skip a generation or two and then reoccur, while others say that every family member carries the gene in some form (although it may be dormant).

2.  Order of Birth – Some legends claim that being born the seventh of seven sons causes you to become a werewolf…this legend is especially prevalent in Brazil and Portugal.

3.  Being Born on December 24 or December 25 (Christmas Eve or Christmas) – Interestingly, there are some legends that claim that if you were born on December 24 or December 25, you can become a werewolf.

4.  Knitting during a full moon – A more obscure myth says that if a mother knits under a full moon, the child that is born may become a werewolf.

5.  Being conceived under a full moon – Many legends claim that children that are conceived when the moon is full will be born werewolves.

6.  Full Moon Friday – A lesser known legend cites that those who were actually born on a Friday under a full moon will become werewolves by birth.


It is not just however by birth that one can become a werewolf.  The much more common method for becoming a werewolf happens after one is born.  Something (or someone) can cause the human to change and become a werewolf.  There are many, many different beliefs on how this can happen.  In fact, it is widely believed that there is not just one method of becoming a werewolf from human form.  Why different methods work however is still a point of discussion and debate.  In addition, under much greater debate is which methods are actually valid and work. Here is a sample of a few of the more common methods that statements, legends, stories, myths, beliefs, and rumors are said to turn humans into werewolves:

1.  Drinking water from a wolf track – This is a very common method that on any general search on “how to become a werewolf” you will see printed over and over again.  The legend is quite simple – find the track of a wolf (preferably after a rainstorm), and drink the water that has pooled in the paw print.  This will make you become a werewolf.

2.  Peter Stubbe’s Belt – Another very common legend related to werewolves revolves around a famous belt known as “Peter Stubbe’s Belt“.  It is said that he had a “magical belt” that could transform him into a werewolf.

3.  The bite of another werewolf – This is a widely believed concept that is often seen in movies and read about in novels – that if a werewolf bites a human, and the human survives the attack, he or she will become a werewolf.

4.  Werewolf Spells – One ancient method of becoming a werewolf revolves around “werewolf spells”.  Finding actual documentation however on legitimate spells that were incanted is incredibly difficult, although there are still references to certain scripts…whether or not they are complete, however is unclear.

5.  Magical Salve – During the Middle Ages especially, it was believed that rubbing a “magical salve” on top of your skin could cause you to become a werewolf.

6.  Drinking downstream from wolves – There is another fairly widespread legend which indicates that drinking water downstream from where a pack of wolves have drunk will cause you to become a werewolf.

7.  Infection – There are some that believe that becoming a werewolf is a type of “infection” that is somehow passed from the infected to the human.  Whether or not this occurs from a werewolf bite (as described above), or from an airborn virus like a cold, or from some other method is unclear.



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