Are you more likely to see werewolves in winter?

Even though werewolves like the cold and maintain a higher internal body temperature than humans, there is no conclusive proof that you are more likely to spot a werewolf during the cold winter months.  Logically, this seems to not be right.  Werewolves DO prefer cold.  So, if this is so, it seems only natural that sightings during winter months would increase! So why don’t sightings spike during winter?

The answer is perhaps fairly simple.  Many humans simply do not like the cold winter months and spend more time inside than they would during the summer months.  Specifically, and especially during the night when werewolves call that time their own.  With more people inside, there are simply fewer people around to spot a werewolf – even if there are more werewolves outside during winter to be spotted!  Of course, I’m not referring to every human – there are certainly many humans that enjoy spending time outside doing winter activities -these humans however tend to focus heavily around winter resort areas, towns, and resorts… and werewolves that get outside to roam during winter months are not going to do so blatantly during the daytime where everyone is skiing at the nearest ski lodge.   🙂  They’ll stick to the night. The woods.  The comforting blanket of cold.  And human uncomfortableness with all of this is their most protective and successful shield.

So yes, werewolves do like the cold…and in fact, there are probably more werewolves around during winter nights.  But the likelihood that you’ll actually spot one during winter does not necessarily increase.






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  1. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    its not entirly impossible but it depends on who you ask

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