Attack of the Werewolf

how afraid are you of a werewolf attackIt comes when you least expect it.
The attack…the werewolf attack you never thought could be real, never dreamed would happen to you.
It happened. To you.

You may have had a suspicion that you were being followed. That something was tracking you closely. But you weren’t certain.
When the little hairs on the back of your neck began to rise, you knew something was wrong. Something was very wrong. But you had no idea what you were in store for. That a creature you barely dreamed existed – a creature from the shadowy legends of yesterday – was about to make an appearance in your life. A werewolf. Who knows what you did to get the werewolf’s attention? But really, at this point, does it matter? You got the attention, and it wasn’t the good kind.

The attack was fast and sudden. The werewolf without mercy. It seemed he (or she?) didn’t even exert much energy. A snarl here, how to heal a werewolf bite, and it was all but done. Obviously the werewolf’s intent was not to permanently get rid of you, nor to permanently maim you, that much was clear…the werewolf could have done that easily – and still without breaking a sweat.  No… this attack was just a warning. Just a taste of the power of the werewolf. A taste is all you need though. A taste is more than enough. And the werewolf knows it.

That is the power of the werewolf attack. It is frightening to behold. Something to avoid being a part of. And the werewolf knows this too. So the creature of the moon hardly ever will attack with real serious intent. He/she just wants to give you a taste. To show that yes, you may have wronged him or her in some way, but werewolves still show mercy and the ability to be fair and give second chances.  But don’t mess with them again…

That does not mean that you won’t need a fair amount of time recovery and recuperating. Healing and mending your wounds will take time.  Claw marks, bite marks – even without intent to harm still can go deep when derived from a werewolf.

As you recover you’ll have learned how to keep a low profile, and be careful who you offend. You’ve learned the hard way.
Noone wants to face the attack of the werewolf.



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